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This place (Ireland) is mad

So I'm sure we're getting the same weather as you lot - stunning, hot, clear skies, east winds, bright as you like, horribly tough for bass fishing. But - this is Ireland of course, and as much as I am in love with this glorious country, when it comes to bass fishing the place is as mad as a hatter if you ask me - and I mean that in a good way. Yes, we are struggling, of course we are in these conditions, but as we say every morning before we get started, this is Ireland and you never know what can happen out here............

So we're fishing a little patch of rough ground yesterday evening, and around us are people out on the beach and enjoying this incredible weather. I would guess that there has been noise and commotion all day long, yet Ger spots a big bass in the shallows and casts one of those Hawg Wild senkos at it. No joy, the fish seems almost comatose. But the lad is patient, I'll give him that, and did I mention that he can also fish a bit ? Holy cow.............

Ger keeps an eye on the fish for about half an hour and then puts another cast in. I know that I would have walked away from this fish long before and moved on up the reef, but Ger hasn't, and he only goes and hooks it - 8lbs of bass in glassed off conditions - how awesome is that ? I can't imagine that a bass in those kinds of conditions would have thought much of a hard lure jangling past its nose time and time again, but yet again it's these soft plastics giving us at least a chance at catching fish in the conditions we have got. What a fish.

Seriously, when can you last remember heat like this in the UK or Ireland ? As much as I don't want what we have got for the fishing, of course it's awesome. We are staying alongside the golf course down at the Gold Coast in Dungarvan and we're waking up every morning to the most ridiculously stunning views across the bay to Helvick Head. Yes, I want fizz and overcast skies ideally, but when it's like this you realise yet again how special it is around here. And yes, I hope the weather lasts so I can nip off down to the beach with my girls when I get home.

Do I like persistent east winds ? Nope, but saying that, it's glassed off most of the time anyway - which of course is ridiculous, but we are seeing a stack of fish around. The numbers of mullet is insane, and out in Dungarvan Bay we have been seeing loads of bass moving around, and I am talking about sometimes sight-fishing to moving fish, albeit most of the time they ain't remotely interested in nailing what we are hurling at them. Sea trout and I presume salmon are jumping almost every place we fish, but of course you don't get much tougher conditions to go bass fishing in.

Steven did well to take this fish off the top in what you can see are essentially tropical conditions, but his dad John lost a nice fish around the 7lb mark the day before when it spat the hook almost beneath his feet. It's quite something to see how the Fiiish Black Minnow is taking off over here and on certain spots we go to we are seeing more and more anglers using and raving about the thing - and catching bass on them. John was bumping one of them in the current when he hooked his fish. Anyway, today is another scorcher but we're looking for moving water and we'll keep at it. Hope you are all enjoying a proper taste of summer.....................