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Three years now with the Breakaway Mini Link lure clip, and not a single issue to report - can a lure clip get any better?

It was my friend Cian who used to run the outstanding Absolute Fishing tackle shop over in Ireland who put me onto these little Breakaway Mini Link lure clips, and at the time I was using the Delalande Agrafe Rapide lure clips in the 35lbs size. Some friends had recently had a few of the smaller 29lb Delalande clips opening up on bigger bass so I switched to the slightly larger and stronger 35lb ones, but with soft plastics rigged weedless/weightless becoming more and more relevant to my fishing it was starting to niggle me how some of the bigger weedless hooks didn’t seem to sit quite right on the Delalande clips…………….


And then into my lure fishing life comes this wonderfully simple and easy to use Breakaway Mini Link lure clip. I had used the larger, bait fishing size Breakaway Fastlink clips a hell of a lot already for my shore fishing, so I knew how the design of the clip worked and therefore clipping various items on and then taking them off the clip was second nature before I gave their smaller Breakaway Mini Link lure clips a go for my lure fishing.

Between when Cian put me onto these ingenious and not remotely expensive little Breakaway Mini Link lure clips and the present day, and aside from trying a couple of other lure clips more out of interest more than anything else, I haven’t meaningfully fished with another lure clip. I have seen some clever looking designs out there and I also lost a beloved cotton candy Salt Skimmer when one particular clip failed on me - check here. I have also fished a bit with those stunning little (and not cheap) Owner Hyper Welded Quick Snap lure clips that as per my blog post here I found I could not use them “blind” at night.

This is how my rods sit here on my rack here at home and then how they go on the Vac-Rac racks on my car

This is how my rods sit here on my rack here at home and then how they go on the Vac-Rac racks on my car

So here we are about three years down the line with the most perfect lure fishing clip for our UK and Irish saltwater lure fishing I have ever found, and hand on heart I have not had a single issue with them. I put John Quinlan onto them a couple of years ago and he has gone through I dread to think how many packets of them for his clients - and he hasn’t had a single issue either. As a professional fishing guide who relies on his skills at putting clients on fish, this says a lot to me, indeed when John and I are working together and our clients arrive and we set up the gear ready for fishing the next morning, if our clients haven’t got any Breakaway Mini Link lure clips themselves then we put them on the end of their leaders because John and I both completely and utterly trust these ingenious little contraptions.


Plus of course they are so bloody easy to use - on and off with hard and soft lures, no trying to open up some snap-style lure clip with wet/cold hands or in the dark when you’re trying to be all ninja on the fish, they are nice and small, they don’t cost very much, and I can’t think of any way in which I could improve upon the brilliant design of them. I reckon three years is long enough for me to hail the Breakaway Mini Link as by miles the best lure clip I have fished with, and whilst I will no doubt try the odd other lure clip to see if they might work for me, I will be amazed if in another three years time you don’t see me shouting about the same Breakaway lure clip on here.


And yes, before anybody goes suggesting a loop knot to me - I always lure fish with a lure clip because I hate the idea of having to retie a loop knot every single time I want to change my lure and then having to endlessly put new leaders on because they are now too short, and I have never, ever got the impression that fishing for bass with a lure clip as light and perfect as the Breakaway Mini Link has ever caught me less fish. Simple!

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