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Tight Lines - Sky Sports 4 - 6pm tonight - bass fishing

As the title of this blog post says, at 6pm tonight on the Tight Lines programme on Sky Sports 4 they are showing the first short bass fishing film that we did out in Ireland a couple of weeks ago (check out a bunch of photos here). I haven't seen it yet and I don't know what sequences are going to appear in which order in these films, but what I do know is that we had some pretty awesome bass fishing for the camera when we were over there and I will be interested to see how they have made it look - and you have my apologies if it's cut so that I am essentially shouting in some over-excited state of hyper-mania at the camera for the whole short film - nope, I don't get a say in the editing !!

I do of course understand that some of you don't subscribe to Sky Sports, so it's my understanding that sometime after these shows come out you can go to this webpage here and download a podcast of the show. Aside from our bass fishing film on the Tight Lines programme (obviously !!), a pretty good incentive for watching tonight is because they have got that thoroughly nice bloke Mike Thrussell on there as the studio guest. Mike is somebody who I could spend a lot of time talking to and he knows his stuff backwards.

Will I be watching the show ? Not sure. Most likely I will be recording it so that I can go through it later and forward any stuff involving me on there that I can't bear to watch (plus the cricket's on of course). I know that every man, woman and child seems to want to be on TV these days, but let me assure you from my position of having appeared on some remarkably obscure channels over the years that it's just a truly horrible thing to watch yourself up there on the box. I hope the lads who helped out with the fishing get a decent airing in the film and manage to sit through seeing themselves on the small screen.

My thanks again to the people who were involved in the making of these short films. I always struggle somewhat with the fact that you get to see me on screen yet these things could not happen without a lot of hard work, kind help and collaboration from a number of other people that you don't get to see. Perhaps I am asking for a metaphorical kicking here, but I would welcome your thoughts on the bass fishing film. I learnt a long time ago that being on the box means you open yourself up to all manner of feedback and opinion, but at least I can rest assured that my two girls are young enough to still think that their Dad is pretty cool !! How long that delusion will last I have no idea though.............


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