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Time for this sodding weather to sod off

Multiple years at boarding school, a university education, and a working life based a lot around my questionable ability to write English has led me to my first blog post of 2014 being labelled with the fantastically erudite, mature and perhaps even subtle title "Time for this sodding weather to sod off". Does it get much more to the point than that ? A Happy New Year to you all and here's to 2014 being a good one.....................

If you live in the UK then it cannot have escaped your attention that we are somewhat obsessed with the weather. After six dire summers we finally had a cracker in 2013, albeit we never had a spring because it was freezing frigging cold for nine+ weeks just when I thought we might be getting away with not having to burn stacks of wood and thus be ahead of the game when it came to winter 2014. Nope, UK weather is never remotely boring. I remember reading about somewhere in the US that gets around 300 days of sunshine a year, and while a part of me can't help but think wow that must be pretty awesome, the Brit in me for the most part tends to love the fact that we get seasons here in good old Blighty - although many of you I am sure are not finding the current weather patterns remotely amusing, me included. Just what the hell is going on ? Yet again it's just howling outside.

I reckon you can take any of those long range weather predictions that get bandied about and stuff them where the sun don't shine. Do you remember how a few summers ago we were told in advance that it was most likely going to be a great summer for barbecues, only for it to then rain practically every day until at least September. This is the UK and I happen to believe that our weather can be accurately forecasted perhaps a couple of days ahead at best, and even then that seems to be pushing it at times. OK, so I know it's winter and we should expect a bit of wind and rain, but surely this is taking the proverbial ?

It may well be January, but I happen to believe that around where I live in south east Cornwall we could be in with a shout at some good bass fishing at the moment. It's still pretty mild, the water temperature is hardly plummeting off the edge of the known world, and December into January can sometimes be a good time for the larger fish around here - if that is this sodding weather might sod off for a bit and give us a sodding break. A little while back we had a few weird late autumn/early winter weeks of calm, almost "nothing" weather, yet here we are being battered by storm after storm after storm. It feels as if the weather is almost stuck in that it's just so sodding relentless.

I know that compared to other parts of the world that what we are getting is not remotely extreme, but my wanting this weather to sod off for a bit comes simply from me just dying to get out fishing. We went for a dog walk on Whitsand yesterday morning and it was just stunning, but from the cliffs you can see that line of mucked up water extending a fair way out now, and it's the kind of overall colour that you just know is going to take a while to clear - if that is this sodding weather could sod off for a bit. I could of course turn to my local estuaries, indeed I keep thinking more and more how I really need to spend more time trying to learn my local waterways with regards to lure fishing - but turning to them right now ain't really an option with the amount of freshwater about. It's been a great Christmas and New Year but holy cow is there some serious fishing related cabin fever setting in here....................

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