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Tough conditions, but we're getting a few...

It can't be that often that you need rougher conditions for shore fishing in the middle of October, but at the moment it is about as flat calm and crystal clear over here in Ireland as I have ever seen - we are fishing really, really hard, and we are getting a few bass, but it's fairly tough to be honest. I simply can't believe that October can be as flat as this - stunning weather, but not that good for bass fishing. Above is Graham with a 6lb fish I nailed this morning on the (lethal) MegaBass Zonk Gataride. This lure is just awesome for bass. Cian had a good 7lb bass the first morning, and Yannick Cordier (the boss of Ultimate Fishing) was torn to pieces by a proper fish on a brand new lure he was testing out. Guess it works !! He also had a big fish come off this morning. Frustrating, but that's fishing...some nice fish coming on surface lures as well.

Tough conditions for fishing, but awesome light for photography. First light this morning, about as good as it gets for me and my cameras. We are having a blast fishing and spending some time with the French guys - they know their bass fishing big time, and all of us are learning plenty that we can apply to our own fishing when needs be. Meeting and working with different people in fishing is what makes it so interesting for me.

I got the shock of my life when this 8lb pollack hit me the other morning - I was plugging away for bass with my beloved IMA Komomo lure, when this thing hit me like a steam train. I thought it was a seriously good bass because it was hooked right in the back and just snorted off at a hell of a pace and generally behaved like a (really big) bass. Thought this was it. Gotta say though, I never felt worried about landing it for one second with the Tenryu Super Mix 240. What a rod, it keeps on amazing me. And my new Shimano Stella 4000FD is just awesome to use for this fishing. Better than I hoped it would be, insanely smooth and with huge guts. That's Yannick kindly holding my pollack for a photo before we put the fish back.

We have landed a fair few bass, but not in the numbers or size that this time of year usually produces over here. There are reports of some decent fish around and about, but it is taking a degree of hard fishing to get some reward. But it is huge fun and I am loving being here as always. Ireland is always hugely special. These French guys really are into their bass fishing in a huge way, and they are so interesting to talk to about how they work certain lures in specific situations - completely open with what the do and why they do it, and fascinating for all of us to spend a few days fishing together.

I am sorry for not updating the blog more often out here, but we have been out and about virtually all the time, plus the internet connection is painfully slow. We have three more days fishing, so we shall see what happens. Rod "X" is a pretty special bit of kit for the money and I will keep playing around with it.

I can not tell you enough about how good this little Stella 4000FD is. But the problem with this kind of gear is that there is never any going back - just like red rods, really good lures, decent braid etc. Help !! More to come.......

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