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Tough day's fishing, but awesome for photography

Really hard fishing today, and nobody can think of any logical reason why - there are plenty of dorado around, but they were not in a feeding mood today at all. But I got to track this guy above with my camera as he wandered off to catch fish in the way that the Tsimane Indians have most likely done for all time. Catching enough fish to feed the family with a bow and arrow takes insane levels of skill and determination, so I kept well back as he went fishing. I love any kind of chance like this to pull away from the actual fishing and shoot different material. This kind of thing can not be planned.

After he caught a fish from the boat, this guy got out and began stalking his prey amongst some fast, shallow water. The main fish they target is also the main food source of the dorado, and there are so many of them here that parts of the river are black with them - called "sabalo", they look a little like the mud fish they catch on the Vaal river in South Africa to me. Again, I stayed well back and tracked his progress with this awesome little 70-300 VR Nikon lens.

This is one of the "sabalo" that the guy shot with his bow and arrow. Fish is obviously the principal source of protein for the local Tsimane Indians around here, along with large animals such as tapir from the jungle. When you are staying in such a fantastic fishing lodge, it is easy to forget that we are in the middle of nowhere, and that local life goes on virtually unchanged around us. I feel truly honoured to be seeing these kinds of things, and to get them on camera is such a buzz.

The proof is in the cooking - here is the same fish on an open fire.What you can't see in this photo is a load of chicken and beef to the left of the fish !! Suits me fine......

OK, so this is hardly the greatest nature shot ever taken, but the huge numbers of different coloured butterflies out here is incredible, and this little stunner landed on Gordon's cap as he had a quick little kip while lunch was cooking over the fire.

Tomorrow is another day - the waters being fished out here are simply stunning, and there are fish all over the place. When they switch on it is going to be mayhem.

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