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Tough first day, but you just work harder

Typical!! My first day co-guiding with John Quinlan in 2015 and the fishing is about as tough as it gets - calm, mostly very bright, as ridiculously beautiful as it always is out here whatever the weather, a thoroughly nice bunch of lads who are really up for it, but the bass were resolutely not playing by the rules. We were up for 5am yesterday morning and crawled into bed just after midnight, so you could say that we put some time in………

One small bass was landed on the flashing plate IMA Komomo II, and there were a few good fish seen cruising around - including one good fish that came at Morgan’s lure a couple of times but didn’t commit. Another bass was momentarily hooked up on a senko but sadly it came off, and whilst it was a very tough first day, confidence levels are up and spirits are high, indeed I would question how any angler could not feel buzzed up by saltwater fishing around Ballinskelligs Bay in Kerry. A couple of the lads were here last October and had some up and down weather, to the point that this time around they actually realised that the bay is surrounded by hills/mountains which they didn’t get to see in autumn!! When it lights up out here it is truly spectacular.

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The forecast for today is for some pretty strong easterlies to come in later on, but because of the lie of the land there are always good options for the fishing and we’ll see what happens. It’s such fun working with anglers and time just slips on by to the point that you don’t really realise how many hours you are out there for. A couple of the lads have asked me if I mind not fishing, and I genuinely don’t - I love watching people fish, and if I can help them out then so much the better. On most of my photo trips away I am never fishing anyway, so not fishing out here while we are guiding doesn’t feel alien, although if there was a great big shoal of 15lb plus bass smashing topwater lures I might consider handing in my resignation to John on the spot, “acquiring” a rod off one of the clients, and getting in there!!

Anyway, it’s another day, and while those tides build and the weather does its stuff, things can change very quickly. There are plenty of fish around, indeed the start to John’s season has seen good numbers of bass and with reports coming in from all over the place (roughly 15lb bass caught in the Waterford area a couple of nights ago on a lure), one can’t help but wonder how the rest of the year might unfold. You all have a good weekend and I’ll get back to you next week with an update on how things are going out here in Ireland. Invariably a bunch of anglers ends up talking about various fishing experiences from around the world, but still there is nowhere that excites me as much as this country, and the thrill I feel at coming here multiple times a year is only getting stronger. I consider myself extremely fortunate.