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Tough yesterday - was it jut a blip ?

We struggled yesterday, but in retrospect we should have not headed out on the open coast where the water is currently really still and clear - but in our defense, we just so wanted to see some of this awesome looking ground around here. And there is miles and miles of it. I even fell in yesterday and just managed to avoid a complete wader-full - the moment I stood on the tiny little rock outcrop, I just knew it was going to give way !! Plenty of fish around in the estuaries etc., but we had to go and have a look......Here's Andy with another nice fish he took off the top on a small Z-Claw. An all time classic surface lure is it not ?

Not much time right now - time to pack the gear up and head out again. No two days are ever the same over here. One thing we did do yesterday was to go and visit our mate Cian's new "Absolute Fishing" tackle shop in Tramore - what a place. Seriously, the guy has put so much work in to the place to get it stocked and open, and it's hugely impressive. If you are ever remotely close to Tramore, drop in for about the friendliest welcome any tackle shop could provide - he is a bass nut, and he will also do all he can to help put visitors on to fish. If you are lucky and conditions are good, Cian might just extend an offer to come along fishing with him when he heads out, and you just can't beat tagging along with somebody who knows their local area so well. One of the good guys.

We are playing around with various bits and pieces of new bass fishing kit out here. Some really interesting stuff as well. Not that any of us would ever admit to being hopeless tackle tarts when it comes to the crunch. Time to head out again....

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