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Track this stunning fishing book down

I received a truly wonderful book in the post yesterday, all the way from Tasmania, and it is seriously worth getting hold of if beautiful fly fishing books are your kind of thing. This publication is one hell of an achievement and I commend the guys involved - especially the photographer Brad Harris who works for an Australian fly fishing magazine that I do a bit of freelance work for, the stunning FlyLife.

Brad is a proper photographer, and this exceptional book is a glorious look at the world class fly fishing for trout right through a season down in Tasmania - it looks like one fantastic place, and Brad has done real justice to a subject with which he obviously is head over in heels in love with. This is what I so like about fishing, the fact that there are so many of us out there who are genuinely in love with "our" sport. Is there anything better ? (apart from extreme metal of course !!)

I am not sure about getting hold of this book over here in the UK yet, but I know you can order a copy right here. It is really worth doing so - order one for yourself, and then order another one to give away as a present. This book is that good. There is a website devoted to the book, click here to have a look.

There are few better things to photograph in the world of fishing than wild fly fishing for trout, and it looks like Tasmania is another place to put on my list of "have to go there". Check here for a small selection of my own fly fishing photos. Brad Harris is one of the guys whose work I really admire, and it is also worth tracking down the magazine FlyLife that he works for.

And my thanks to the guys who have posted comments on my previous post about me playing around with black and white photography - more than kind and I really appreciate all the comments. It is only a bit of a sideline interest to what I do day to day at the moment, but I am enjoying exploring what makes a decent black and white photo, and also what does not. Throughout my career so far I have always been looking for a colour photo when I am out shooting, but perhaps I need to see with different eyes ?

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