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Tropical Storm Andrea

It's somewhat surreal to check the webcam on my local beach back home and see flat calm seas and big blue skies, yet yesterday out here we sat through Tropical Storm Andrea as it ripped through the area bringing some pretty lively winds and loads of rain. The law of sod ? Tell me about it !! No fishing yesterday then, but it's just after 6am as I am typing this out in the US, the wind seems to have abated and it's back on for today............

There's a tiny saltwater channel behind the house we are staying in down on Alligator Point, and James had a quick chuck yesterday afternoon on a little Shimano travel rod he sneaked into his bag with that killer MegaBass FX9 clipped on. I'm up in the house editing some photos and suddenly there's all this shouting going on outside. The swine is into a fish. Grab the camera, swear profusely as the front of the lens instantly covers up with condensation as I take it out of the air-conditioned house and into the relative humidity of the storm, wait until it clears and then snap away.

I've never seen a redfish in the flesh. What a cool looking fish. For a while now I have kinda itched after photographing those huge redfish they get down the Louisiana marshes in winter - imagine sight fishing to a 20lb plus version of this thing. Check out this video and tell me that stuff doesn't get you going !!

Anyway, best go get ready for it. Tarpon fishing on the flats for big fish is one hell of a challenge even if there are heaps of fish passing through. They are big, they are horribly powerful, and they break anglers' hearts for a pastime. I've hooked tarpon down in the Keys that have almost flicked two fingers at me as they jumped and smashed me/threw the hook and then sodded off - and these lads are here to do in on the fly. Holy cow. Honestly, the anticipation is something else................