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Two short notice places available in August on one of these (rather wonderful!) co-guided Ireland trips

I know it’s short notice, but we have a couple of places in August on one of these co-guided fishing trips I do with John Quinlan and their awesome Thatch Cottage Fishing Lodge operation. Timed to coincide with good tides and a time of year over in Kerry (south west Ireland) when the fishing can really fire - for bass of course, but also for a bunch of other species that we also tend to target when the conditions are right. If you read this blog then you know how much I am in love with spending time over in Ireland, and these co-guided trips for me are about as good as work is ever going to get, and I believe that sense of fun and adventure comes across in how John and I run these trips together. We do long fishing days, the food is outstanding, and we laugh a lot. What more do you need on a fishing trip?

Let there be laughter, and lots of it!

Let there be laughter, and lots of it!

The dates are:

  • Friday 19th August - arrive at Thatch Cottage Fishing Lodge
  • 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd - fish, a lot!
  • Wednesday 24th August - depart.

All fishing, accommodation and food is included.

Come along if you can - contact me here, and because it’s short notice we can do a bit of a deal. Getting to Kerry is pretty easy and we can help you with travel suggestions etc. Have a look at some photos from last year below. Nope, it’s not all about big bass and nothing else. It’s about catching fish and learning about lure fishing especially against the mighty backdrop of a very unspoilt and uncrowded corner of the world where time stands gloriously still. I know it’s short notice, but if you ever dreamed about fishing in Ireland then drop what you’re doing and come along. Hope to see you over there………….