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Updates to my website

There have just been a load of updates to my website which you can access from the links or by clicking here. Check out the new stuff, but also remember that if you are looking for information on where to go fishing home or abroad, there is stacks of info contained within the various photo essays that you can find by clicking here. Lots of people email me asking where to go fishing, and so often the information they require is on my website already. Perhaps I should look into making this information more readily accessible.

Here are the details of the various updates :

the Latest Book on my homepage has been changed to the one that I have just completed. Click on the book cover there to pre-order, and find out more about it here

the link from the bass DVD on my homepage has been changed, click here for where you can now buy this DVD. I know of no other professionally filmed bass fishing DVD out there, and there are stacks of fish, tips, techniques and moments of fishing insanity on there to keep you going through the winter

there are a load of new bass fishing photos that I shot during autumn 2007, including some nice fish, awesome light and a few new toys. Click here to take a look

click here to see a bunch of new photos from my remote Seychelles trip to Cosmoledo that I did just before Christmas. There are some very cool shots there, including some really smart stuff on milkfish - just how impressive are these fish ? Plenty of GT shots there as well

I shoot a lot of UK based fly fishing which I love doing, and over time I have built up a huge library of material. Some new shots have been added, click here to see them

there are some new shore fishing photos from the UK and Ireland, click here to see them

a fairly recent update you need to check out as well are the photos I shot in autumn 2007 of the east and west coasts of Canada, fly fishing for Atlantic salmon and the mighty steelhead. What a country - click here to see a taste of this incredible place.

Anyway, there will be some more updates in due course, but I hope the above proves of interest to you anglers and even non-anglers out there. Nothing beats working in fishing, for it is the greatest sport going.

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