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Urgent - Email the EU Commission by 1st September 2016 and help save Sea Bass and sustainable Sea Bass fishing

The following is an email I received from the excellent Save Our Sea Bass website (SOS) - below their email I have provided links to the very well laid out and easy to follow instructions for sending your email to keep on pushing for better protection for the fish that so many of us love. Please, please do this, and let’s keep on trying to get better protection for the fish that so many of us love…………...

“Dear Save Our Sea Bass Subscriber - We have some important news for you.

On 30 June, ICES issued a new bass assessment.  It warns that the bass spawning stock is now at an all-time low and that there is now a risk that the stock's ability to regenerate itself is compromised.   ICES have therefore recommended a full moratorium for 2017.

We have previously advised the Fisheries politicians and managers that we should restrict the bass fishery to sustainable fishing only: recreational angling and commercial hook and line fishing (excluding long-lines).  This advice was not followed and, predictably, the stock is now in deep trouble and so a moratorium is needed.

We are concerned that, even now, the Fisheries politicians may give in to commercial lobbying pressure to allow unsustainable commercial bass fishing to continue.  We therefore need to send a strong and clear message to the Fisheries politicians and managers, telling them that their existing policy has failed and that from now on we want the bass fishery managed so as to deliver the greatest long term benefits to society, and that means restricting it to sustainable fishing only.

We hope that a moratorium will create some breathing space for the bass stock to recover.  But if it does, will we just see the fishery re-opened to unsustainable commercial fishing, so that the destruction of the stock can start over again?  We must not let that happen.

You will see that we have just completely updated the Save Our Sea Bass website.  We have also started a brand new campaign to email the Fisheries politicians and managers now that they are digesting the ICES advice and are considering how to react.  We would ask you to support this email campaign by sending an email and encouraging members of your family and friends to send an email too.  If you can help to promote the email campaign via social media too, that would be fantastic.

And finally, a special word for our French Subscribers and comrades in arms!  We understand that your Fisheries Minister, Alain Vidalies, is only interested in supporting the commercial bass fishermen and has no interest in listening to what French anglers or conservationists want.  However, he cannot act alone, he has to make his case on bass to other EU Member States and the EU Commission.  The more French people send emails objecting to unsustainable commercial bass fishing, the more difficult it becomes for Vidalies to sustain his argument - the other EU Member States in the negotiation will be able to tell him that he is not properly representing the wishes of the people of France.  We urge you to take part in the new email campaign and to spread the message widely across France

Best wishes from the Save Our Sea Bass team”.

Full details on how to send this email can be found here. Details in French are here. Many thanks.