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Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power Tracer 8-strand braid review

Crumbs, that's a mouthful of a name for a braid, so to make life easier and for the sake of my typing, let's be calling this new bright green Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power Tracer 8-strand braid "Varivas Tracer".........


Perhaps we can't help but trust the most that which we know the best, and by pure chance, the first 8-strand braid I ever used for my lure fishing was the grey coloured Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power PE - but to be honest it sat on a shelf for a few months because I couldn't pluck up the courage to use a braid that to me looked so thin and feeble. How wrong I was, and I don't mind admitting it. I have fished with a number of high-end 8-strands since then, and for the most part they have worked very well for me - accepting of course that they are not a cheap line etc.

Tie me down, take away any braid I might have played with over the years and allow me to fish with only one 8-strand for evermore and it's going to be the Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power PE braid. I trust it implicitly, it's never let me down and I think it is an outstanding mainline. Is it a better braid than say the excellent YGK G-Soul WX8 for example? Not that I am aware of, but the grey Varivas was the first 8-strand I used and then trusted, and therefore it would be the one I go for. But I do like bright coloured mainlines, indeed I always have, and from day one I wished that such a good (grey) line could also be available in a brighter colour.


Well Varivas have only gone and listened to me. OK, so that bit is complete balls. Of course they know nothing about my wish that the Max Power stuff had a more colourful option, but blow me down if they haven't gone and brought out a bright green version of the 8-strand that I like so much. Yippee!! Around the same £40 price as the grey stuff, this Varivas Tracer is hardly what one might call a budget line, and there's no getting away from this sort of money being a lot of dosh to drop on a mainline - but the simple fact is that there are lure anglers out there who like to use the best stuff, and you can in fact use a line like this for ages. Unless that is you are regularly casting around the 150 yard mark with a hard lure - which I must admit I am not - then you can always reverse the line when you deem it necessary.

So what's the line like? My understanding is that this new, bright green Varivas Tracer braid has some sort of a more modern coating on it, and if it has then that's great, but to be honest it feels exactly the same to fish with as the grey Varivas stuff - as in bloody fantastic. I wanted the grey line in a bright colour and now I've got it. Job done really and I am rather pleased that this new Varivas Tracer braid feels just the same as the grey stuff. I tie "that" knot with this stuff and it's as ridiculously strong as the grey stuff, albeit I am not about to start going wrasse fishing with a line like this. Do I want to be using a very expensive line like this in amongst the really nasty sort of ground where it simply won't last as long as if I kept it purely for bass fishing?


I have most experience with the 20lb grey Varivas Max Power, and this new Varivas Tracer has the same PE numbers/breaking strains - check here for the details. To be honest I don't know what more to tell you other than it's just a really, really good braid that comes in a nice, bright colour. The only people that I am aware of who are selling this new line in the UK are the bods who have been doing the Varivas braids for years now - Veals Mail Order. Check here.