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Very cool fishing/photography trip coming up

At the end of next week I fly out to Argentina to photograph the largest golden dorado in the world, at La Zona. These big freshwater fish have been on my list to see, fish for and photograph for a while now, so to actually be getting the chance to go and do it is simply amazing and I can't wait. It is going to be a pretty quick "in and out" trip, with plenty of different flights and time changes, but who cares when you can get to see such fantastic looking fish. This kind of travel is what the iPod and sleeing pills were invented for. The dorado at La Zona grow huge, far larger than anywhere else, and I am really looking forward to putting these things in front of my cameras, and even catching a few myself. I am going to Argentina via the UK fly fishing travel company Aardvark McLeod. Full report when I get back.

The actual fishing will be a mix of fly and lure, which will give me big opportunities to get a wide range of different photos. I needed a travel spinning rod that will fit in my hold bag and cope with very hard fighting, large fish, and I have just been sent the brand new Greys 9' 40-100g Missionary 6 Spin. This is a 6 piece rod that comes in a protective tube, and it will all fit perfectly in my hold luggage. The rod itself looks stunning and it should be a blast to work it hard on the fish. I have a feeling as well that a couple of the other rods in the range will do nicely for UK bass fishing as well. Travel-style rods are the way forward.

I was saying the other day how I had found a new Russian black metal band, and the CD has arrived - and it is just awesome !! If metal is your thing, you seriously need to check this band Walknut out. I would describe it as a kind of emotional, mystical black metal (if there can be such a thing), the kind of music that gets in your head and stays there for ages. Click here to buy the CD. And if you like this stuff, you seriously need to check out Drudkh, and particuarly the albums Estrangement and Blood in our Wells. Both can be bought here. So not only do you get fishing here, but you also get up to date extreme music info that will make your life a whole lot better !!

To remain with the metal theme, below is a photo of the outstanding band Opeth that I shot a while ago for Metal Hammer magazine. These guys are incredible and I hear that they have a new album out later this year. I just wish that I got more time to shoot gigs as it is such fun and it is a huge challenge. I never use flash as it just kills all atmosphere in my view, plus it is banned at most venues anyway. A lot of gig shoots I have done have had to be at ISO 1600 and f2.8, either on my 70-200 or 24-70 lenses. Plus ear plugs of course !! I remember photographing the mighty Motorhead, standing right next to a speaker stack and literally feeling the bass rippling through my whole body. And then Lemmy told his crew to turn the volume up !!

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