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Waterproof backpack that actually works

I just like the whole idea of having a backpack or rucksack that is waterproof and therefore keeps my gear dry. I tend to be bound to rucksacks because I am always carrying at least some kind of camera gear with me when I go fishing or indeed just photographing, but my needs aside, I do still see a lot of lure anglers carrying their gear around in rucksacks. Apart from these specialist and expensive Lowepro waterproof camera bags that I use, abuse and trust implicitly, there are a number of less specialist options out there that can work well for us.

I first came across the UK company Overboard when a dry bag I bought out in the US failed on me within the duration of the trip. I then went looking around on the internet when I got home, found Overboard, and ordered a couple of what they call their "dry tube bags". They do what they say and they work really well. Nice and simple bags that keep gear dry. I told a few mates about the gear and some of them went on to buy some of the Overboard waterproof backpacks for their own fishing, and reports so far have been excellent all round. Might it be another case of having to look outside of fishing sometimes to find the more specialist items of gear you want or need ? I wish it was not, but I have seen a few specific waterproof backpacks from the fishing world fall apart rather too quickly for my liking.

I eventually got hold of a 30 litre Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof Backpack for my own use and I can't fault what it does. I would guess that over long periods it might not like being dumped on sharp rocks time and time again, but in its defence the bag does have what seems to be a tough, reinforced bottom to it. The material seems to be along the lines of the dry tube bags I have had for ages now, and it's tough as hell if you look after it. Any waterproof material is not going to take kindly to hooks, knives or very sharp rocks poking through it !! I also reckon the price is very good for what I believe is a well thought out bit of kit. Nope, it's not the most glamorous or exciting of items, but it just plain works. You can read all about the backpack right here, and make sure to check out how you seal it up to make it waterproof (check out "Sealing Guide" down the page).

And please notice that I am not talking about the World Cup rugby here. The pain is too much at the moment. Give me the rest of the week to stew and generally wind myself up about the dire state of English rugby and I might just be ready for the mother of all Friday Rants. Well done Wales, hard luck Ireland. Thought South Africa would turn Australia over, but what a defensive performance. Argentina gave the All Blacks a bit of a scare early on. Can Australia ruin yet another New Zealand World Cup next weekend ? Will the All Blacks banish the "World Cup Chokers" tag that they have held for so long now ? Will Wales get to the final ? Epic stuff. Unless you are an English rugby supporter that is.............