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We are ready to go with this co-guided lure fishing in south Devon - dates, prices, info, absolutely bouncing to get going!

Well this is it! After plenty of planning and bashing of collective heads, Marc Cowling of South Devon Bass Guide and I are ready to go with offering a number of co-guided lure fishing sessions that will indeed be based around the stunning south Devon coastline - and there are many, many miles of varied fishing. If you would like to come lure fishing with us - with an emphasis on bass fishing of course - then the easiest way is to head over to my shiny new Guiding page on this website, have a read, and then fill out the contact form and we can get the ball rolling……………

Why offer co-guided trips? Marc and I want to offer something a bit different, and between us we feel we have got all bases covered when it comes to giving our clients a thoroughly memorable and rewarding guided lure fishing experience. We take a maximum of four clients out fishing at a time so that we can give everybody the benefit of our combined knowledge and experience, plus I will always have camera gear with me to record your day and provide you with photographic memories that will live with you forever. Marc and I are complete and utterly addicted to saltwater lure fishing and we feel strongly about how we can best impart our collective passion, knowledge and love for fishing across to anglers - running these co-guided lure fishing trips is our answer.

Why south Devon? A long, varied and breathtaking coastline, south Devon has got the lot when it comes to lure fishing - open coast rock marks, loads of beaches and numerous estuaries, and whilst we can’t control the weather, it’s rare that we are not able to get out lure fishing and have a good chance of connecting with a few fish. I learnt the bulk of my saltwater fishing along the south Devon coastline whilst Marc has lived close to Kingsbridge nearly all his life and knows every nook and cranny.

These are the dates we have set aside for 2017, to coincide with good tides etc. If none of these work for you but you really want to come along (brave person?), then please do get in touch and we will do our utmost to make it happen.

September 2017

  • Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd
  • Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th

October 2017

  • Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th
  • Thursday 19th and Friday 20th

November 2017

  • Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd
  • Thursday 16th and Friday 17th

December 2017

  • Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd

And how much are we going to charge?

£400 per day - two anglers

£500 per day - three anglers

£600 per day - four anglers

A £100 deposit per angler secures your booking. You can find the more grownup information over on Marc’s website - FAQs are here, and the Terms and Conditions are here.

A day is eight hours from the time we first meet up to head out fishing, but please rest assured that if after eight hours out on the coast we suddenly have a heap of fish wanting to crawl up your line then we are of course open to bribery!  

And if you want something different - say Marc and I on your own for example - then please do talk to us. We are complete and utter fishing junkies ourselves and we know what it’s like to literally need to go fishing.

So there you go - it’s out there! We are not going to tell you that this co-guiding venture is all about big bass and nothing else, indeed both Marc and I are very keen not to try selling ourselves like that. For sure we will major on taking our clients out lure fishing for bass - and please note that we are also making night lure fishing available if conditions look favourable and you are keen to do it, plus a go at wrasse and pollack on lures as well - but we are here to work with fish, tides, conditions and the anglers who might book us up. Head over to my new Guiding page on this website, have a good read through, and then fill out the contact form.

As with my guiding work over in Ireland, to me it’s about our clients having a blast, and whilst catching fish if course top of the list, I firmly believe that the whole experience is what counts in the end. We’re going to have fun and we are here to help you with your fishing - and on that front, please, please do not worry for one second if you are not some grizzled lure fishing veteran. We are here to work with you, and both Marc and I feel very much the same about fishing - have a whole heap of fun and keep on learning. If that mentality floats your boat then please come along……….