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We can make a difference. We need to make a difference.

I don't bang the conservation drum that much on this blog, but from time to time I either hear about or am kindly notified on certain fishing related issues that I believe need to be more widely publicised. My thanks here to Matt Spence from BASS for giving me the info. Look what happened in Ireland recently (check here). Anglers can make a difference if they actually do something, and here's a real opportunity to have a good go at getting the MLS (Minimum Landing Size) in the Dorset, Hampshire and Isle of Wight areas raised to 48cms. Sitting back and doing nothing is never going to get us anywhere...........

First off, please go and take a look here on the BASS website and read about the need for trying to raise the MLS and also how you can actually help out. It does not matter one bit if you do or don't fish for bass in these areas. Imagine something positive happening in one area and then imagine what could happen in others. The more that anglers can persuade the powers that be that recreational or sport fishing is worth a lot more to the economy if there are more and bigger fish to catch, then so much the better.

There is a meeting on the 15th December of the Southern IFCA (Southern Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority) at which there will be a discussion on the potential to raise the MLS for bass to 48cms. Members of the public (us anglers) can go along to offer support and observe - all details are on this link. This discussion comes about via BASS member Nigel Horsman hassling and lobbying the Southern IFCA, and following a meeting with the Chairman he was asked to write a paper outlining these proposals which was then presented at a meeting in November - check this paper out here.

The more letters and emails that can be sent to the Chairman of the Southern IFCA the better, indeed this is what I am asking you to please do. It is all about support and awareness. Either write to DR. A.C. Jensen, Chairman Southern IFCA, 64 Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, BH14 9BN or email the same bloke on enquiries@southern-ifca.gov.uk (or click this link here to send an email). Time is of the essence here as the meeting is on the 15th December, and the more letters and emails that are sent supporting the proposed raising of the Minimum Landing Size the better. All the details you need, including what points to raise in the letters and/or emails are on here.

OK, so it ain't shiny fishing tackle or a report of some monster bass, but for all the nice stuff, we very simply need more and bigger bass to fish for. We can either sit back and have a good moan or we can at least rise to the occasion when our help is asked for like with the above. There are numerous people and organisations out there who work tirelessly to try and make our sport fishing better, so please, please take the time to bash out a few emails and/or letters and who knows, something connected with our seas might actually change for the better. It's a long road I grant you that, but I always come back to the collapse and subsequent restoration of the striped bass stocks over in the USA. Can you imagine how daunting that must have been when the ideas were first mooted about ? Look at it now though. Imagine what we could have over here. From little acorns grow some pretty huge trees........

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