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We have a few places left on our co-guided fishing trips over in Kerry, SW Ireland - come along if you can!

It’s kind of crept up on me that these four weeks a year of co-guiding work I do with John Quinlan and their Thatch Cottage Fishing operation in their outrageously beautiful and quiet corner of south west Ireland are the four weeks of fishing related work that I look forward to the most each year. Whatever the fishing or the weather is like out there, we have a blast, and I hope I can speak for your clients in saying that we reckon they have a blast on these trips as well. We have a few spaces left so I am putting the details up on here and hoping that some of you nice people can come along………….


A trip out to Kerry with us is four days of guided lure fishing, together with five nights accommodation plus all food - the price for this is €1300 and has been since John and I started working together. There are various ways to get out to us in Kerry and we will help you with the details. I also tend to put the people on the trips in touch with each other to see if anybody can share travel and so on. Some people come with heaps of fishing gear and some don’t - we have plenty of rods and reels and lures and so on, but we do ask that our anglers come with a pair of chest waders in which they are comfortable moving around over all kinds of surfaces, plus a decent waterproof top. This is Kerry in south west Ireland we are talking about, and you can go from the heavens opening to getting royally sunburnt to almost anything in between - all in the same hour as well! Honestly, where we do our guided fishing is in the most magical part of the world you could ever hope to see.


Bass are obviously our target species, and whilst I am not about to pretend that a monster 10lb+ bass like the one Paul caught with us last year is an everyday thing, anything really is possible out there, and because of the lay of the land we always have viable fishing options almost whatever the weather. There is also some awesome pollack fishing on light tackle that we love to have a crack at, plus if the rivers are in the right condition then there’s a chance to have a go for a salmon if our people want to. We have some places on these trips below:

  • Arrive Tuesday 16th July

  • Fish 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th July

  • Depart Sunday 21st July

  • Arrive Sunday 13th October

  • Fish 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th October

  • Depart Friday 18th October

Please get in touch with me here if you can come along, and we hope to see some of you out there with us. Please, please do not worry for a single second if you are not the most experienced angler in the world, because it doesn’t matter a single bit - we are here to help you with your fishing, indeed from a guiding point of view I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to be able to help people catch fish in such a special part of the world. You all have a good weekend and may any travelling you need to do be less than mine! After work and school my wife and I are dropping our girls off with a relation on Dartmoor and we are then heading to just outside of Norwich where my god daughter is getting married tomorrow afternoon (so hoping that the M25 doesn’t screw us up later this evening). We will then head back to Cornwall early on Sunday morning, so it’s no fishing for me this weekend. Hoping you lot get out, and may a few fine fish find your lures………...