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We have a few spaces left on our co-guided Ireland based lure fishing trips in July, and one space in September - come along if you can!

OK, OK, as much as it pains me I must do this - well done Ireland on winning the Grand Slam and so comprehensively beating us that I reckon come the summer tests against South Africa we will surely be seeing a somewhat different England rugby team. Ireland were outstanding and we seriously were not. Holy cow, talk about a wakeup call…………….


Anyway, enough of that, because I need to tell you about a few places we have left on these co-guided lure fishing trips in Kerry, Ireland that John Quinlan and I run together - and yes, as much as I can’t wait for these weeks to come around each year, a part of me is also dreading the insufferable smugness that John has every right to relay to me with that rugby result. I know that being the good fellow that he is, John would never stoop to winding me up about what happened in the Six Nations! Sorry, I digress, but you can probably guess where I am at right now with the disappointment.


We have a few spaces on our July 2018 trips and then the one space on one of our September 2018 trips. All trips are of course timed to coincide with good tides, and the serious beauty about lure fishing around where John lives in Kerry is that we have so many options whatever the weather does or doesn’t do - plus the place is seriously beautiful and quiet and incredibly special. At those times of year we can even do a bit of lure and fly fishing for salmon if the river conditions are right and if our people want to have a go.


For these co-guided trips we work on five nights of accommodation and all food at their rather lovely Thatch Cottage setup, together with the four long days of guided fishing with John and I. We fish hard, we laugh a lot, and we work our socks off on trying our best to put our people onto some good lure fishing in a seriously special part of the world. And please do not for one second think that these co-guided trips are for experienced anglers only - if you’re into fishing then please come along.

So these are the July dates on which we have some spaces:

1st trip:
Arrive Monday 9th July
Fish 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th
Depart Sat 14th July

2nd trip:
Arrive Sat 14th July
Fish 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th
Depart Thurs 19th July

And we have the one space only on this trip in September:

Arrive Weds 26th Sept
Fish 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th
Depart Monday 1st October


The price for one of these all inclusive trips is the same as it’s always been - 1300 Euros. I tend to put our groups of clients together via email to see if any of them can share travel amongst themselves, for there are various ferry/drive and flying options to get to Kerry down in south west Ireland. You can find some more details on these trips right here, and then if you fancy coming along for some hugely fun fishing and also watching an Irishman berate an Englishman about the state of their rugby team, either fill out that Contact Me form on the guiding page, or over on the Contact Me page.