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Weather causing us a few problems !!

If every trip you came on and the weather was perfect all the time then you might wonder what pact with what devil had been signed. We are copping a bit of it this time around - not really, really bad, but strong enough to wipe out the Copper Coast for us and force us to tuck away. But then that is the beauty of staying in Dungarvan with all hose options not far from us.

The fishing has also been pretty tough, but there have been a few bass taken on lures and baits. Ger had a nice fish on the first morning on his favourite Feed Shallow, but I was some way away and could not get there for a photograph. I was really impressed and very pleased to see Nick Hart take a bass on weightless Wave worm fished very slowly. Cian and some of the lads around here have really been getting into these Senko-type worms twitched very slowly or just dead drifted in current or sea conditions. Genuinely surprised at how much water you can cover with these slightly heavier/chunky Wave Worms 5'' Tiki-BamBoo Sticks (to be precise !!).

Andy has nailed a few bass on crab, including this fish above from a small sandy hole in amongst a lot of rocks and weed. Not only can the guy lure fish rather well, but put a bait rod in his hands and he always manages a few. We keep on hearing about this horrendous weather that is meant to be coming in tonight and tomorrow, but at the moment I can't see it on any forecasts I am looking at. No, the weather is not remotely on the perfect side for lure fishing especially, but what can you do ? You book a trip up on some nice tides and then take whatever weather you get. We are having huge fun as always and to a man just getting off on being over here in southern Ireland. I keep seeing these houses in awesome locations that I could imagine myself living in. Dropping out altogether and just going fishing. Nice eh ? Or dream on perhaps.............

I am also having a bit of a problem with a new rod that I am trying out here for the first time. I want to try and find something with it that I don't like, but I can't. As a part of this work I do I am lucky enough to get to play with all manner of different rods, whether they be lure, boat, surf, fly etc. I know what I like, but in no way are my opinions on rods and fishing gear any more valid or right or wrong than yours. Is it just me or are there a (sadly) growing amount of conspiracy theorists messing around on the internet and some forums and seeming to do nothing but slate anglers' opinions ? Can somebody say something these days just because they want to or because they simply enjoy interacting with other anglers ? Whatever the case, I should be saying thank you more often to all the people who read and interact with this blog of mine. I love doing it, and I love the feedback you guys give on the comments and via email. I have stopped posting on any forums, so this blog is my window to the world I guess. Oh, and this lure rod I am playing with is in my book about as good as it gets. More to come..........and yes, I think I need help.