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Weather on the turn......

I don't think we copped it here nearly as bad as what was battering other parts of Ireland and the UK, but it was properly howling for a while. One big reason that this part of Ireland (Copper Coast etc.) is so "perfect" for bass fishing is that a lot of the ground is very shallow, rocky and weedy - and of course this kind of ground gets blown out pretty easily in strong conditions. But what this area does have as well is some very good "back up" locations where you can tuck away from almost anything and still be in with a shout at some fish. Hell, just being back in Ireland with a bunch of mates is about as good as it gets in my book - whatever the weather.

Now what a simple photo like this does not show is how strong the wind is that is ripping down the estuary and slamming into Andy's back here. But we caught fish, in fact for a while yesterday there seemed to be a stack load of bass moving around. Nothing particularly large was landed, but there is always something sublime about getting that take as a bass picks up your bait. I also had a number of dropped takes when the fish ran hard towards me and then just pulled away from the bait for some reason.

Andy as I said earlier in the week has got this bait fishing thing wired. Talk about concentration when he is fishing, and he gets the rewards for it. As much as I do love this whole lure fishing thing, I come from a bait fishing background. Just peeling a crab to me feels about as natural as going for a walk with my dog if that makes sense. I can be away from bait fishing for a while, but give me a crab, a role of bait elastic and a pennel rig and it seems wonderfully reassuring and "normal". For some reason a decent fish snapped my trace yesterday, but we ended up with a few nice bass that really felt extra special because of the conditions we were battling. We did try a surf beach the other evening that is known for chucking up all number of big bass, and the conditions had us all shaking with excitement as we got the gear together. But it was weeded out and we could not fish it. Frustration !!

Anyway, the wind has really dropped off overnight, so we reckon a day of calmer conditions and it is going to be worth venturing out on the open coast again to look for some more bass on the lures. Nick Roberts took a nice fish yesterday in some horrendous winds on a lure - the red belly, silver sided IMA Komomo II to be precise, perfect for the 2' deep water he was fishing. I bet that fish in those conditions felt like one hell of an achievement. A bunch of us out here are starting to get a thing for that IMA red belly/silver side colour because we have seen and are seeing it work on a load of different locations around here. Bass just seem to jump on it. You should have seen the colour of that water that Nick took his bass from yesterday. Filthy is the only word to use.

Another thing about these kinds of trips is that you get to play around with a load of different lure rods. We all end up bringing a bunch of different stuff along - if we did not try different stuff out then how on earth can I learn more and develop my knowledge ? I have brought one lure rod out in particular that in my personal opinion is about as good as it gets - but bear in mind that this seems to suit me and my fishing, and it is not remotely cheap. Nick has brought a lure rod out that every single one of us has been completely blown away by, indeed we are trying our best to collectively find something about it what we don't like !! Perhaps the best thing about it in my mind is how much versatility you get for the money. I had somewhat ignorantly just presumed that a rod like this from such a respected high-end manufacturer was of course going to be silly money. But it isn't. Lots more to come. All I can do is talk about the stuff I see and get to play with and then tell you guys about it. Of course I am lucky because I can get to see so much different stuff because of what I do, and I can only hope that the stuff that excites me translates into information that then proves to be of some use to other anglers. I know that I am the same as everybody else in that I am always looking for information myself. Yes, I have a problem with nice fishing gear, and no, I can't simply excuse it all as being merely for "research" purposes !! If only I could.........