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Welcome to my new website

I am rather hoping that you arrived at this blog just as easily as you would have got here yesterday - welcome to my new website. Changing websites and therefore the blog is not a decision I undertook lightly, and as much as I was very happy with my old design, for a while now I have wanted to change things up and have a crack at putting a website together myself. Check this blog post here to see where I was thinking of going with the new site (heavily influenced by the old site), but when I was away in the Seychelles I got to be away from the internet completely and I could have a think about how I wanted things to look - and this is the result………..

When I say build my own website, I don’t mean coding it or stuff like that. Nope, that line of attack is way beyond me. A while back I had a play with a few of these website building things that you can find online, and the one that jumped out at me the most by far was Squarespace. From a business point of view I need a website to help show my photos off, and then of course there is this blog which I am rather passionate about continuing with. Getting the blog across from the old website has not been remotely easy, but thanks to some some very kind technical wizardry from a very kind person the blog is here (thank you, thank you kind person, and I promise not to gaffer tape your tongue to an electric fence over in Ireland when we are fishing there next - it worked!!).

Viewing and commenting on this blog should still be very straightforward, albeit I have now set it so that comments need to be “approved” by me before they appear underneath each blog post. Your interaction with this blog is absolutely fantastic and very much appreciated, indeed if nobody was interacting with it then there wouldn’t be that much point in continuing with it, and please, please, I want your thoughts and opinions. I don’t remotely expect you to agree with me and I am all for a decent bit of good natured back and forth etc., but that’s just it - it has to stay good natured. I can’t have the kind of garbage that was spouted on a specific blog post the other day. Please disagree with me by all means, but do it politely and with some degree of logic and reasoned argument. And for those people who despise what I do and hate me without ever having actually met me, I am saving your hands from uncontrollably typing any more abuse from behind your lovely warm keyboard.

Please do notify me if you see any mistakes on this new website, because there will be some. The blog has been hosted via a couple of formats during it’s life and as such there will be various broken links and some missing photos if you go right back, but for the most part I hope that it still works pretty much as the old one did. Some of the categories are a bit messed up as a result of importing the blog into this new website, so if you want to find something specific somewhere in the blog I would suggest that you use the rather excellent search box to the top right of this post. Categories will start to work properly as this blog starts running on this new website. And my apologies - there have been some comments lost on the more recent blog posts. This is to do with the timings of the blog import and when certain posts were created, but all should work pretty seamlessly from now on, or at least I rather hope so!! Sorry.

The Fishing Tackle section is something that I considered dropping altogether, but the feedback I have received recently convinced me that it should stay, and I will do my best to keep it updated. Any specific items of gear in there that has been reviewed here on the blog should link back to the specific post (but remember that Search box as well), but it’s always going to be the case that some of what I have written in the Fishing Tackle section is fairly old and kind of outdated - I am learning about fishing all the time after all. I can’t keep trawling through the section and changing things all the time, so please bear with me and work with how this part of the website is. My hope is that the Fishing Tackle section serves as a simple resource that helps some of you out with narrowing down your decisions on fishing gear that you might want to buy.

Because of the way this particular website template works within Squarespace, there are a couple of ways of accessing the Fishing Pictures, Fishing Tackle and Help & Info sections. Hover over the navigation bar at the top and a drop down menu will appear below these sections (click on what you want to see), or else you can simply click on the page headings and you will notice that a full page photo now appears with the name of the page at the bottom left. Scroll through these photos via the navigation arrows and then click on this full page photo or the page name at the bottom left to get there - whether that be say Bass Fishing or Saltwater Fly Fishing from the Fishing Pictures index, various rods, reels and lures from the Fishing Tackle section, or that leader knot from the Help & Info section. Land on a specific Fishing Pictures page and it should be pretty self-explanatory how to scroll through the thumbnails and click on the + sign in the top right to get a larger preview.

I have put a Guiding page up on this new website as it’s now a part of what I do and I want to tell visitors to the site about it. This new website is “responsive” and it should work well on mobiles and tablets. I don’t personally look at websites on my iPhone, but I accept that a lot of people do and the website needs to work like this. I work on a 27’ calibrated monitor here and I have gone for this particular website look because I feel that it helps to show off my photography, but I would hazard a guess that a lot of you come here purely to look at the blog and nothing else. I want this new website to work for all visitors, so please do tell me what you think and if something is just not working properly. Many people don’t like change, but things move onwards and upwards and I felt that the website was due a change. Welcome to my new website and my thanks for taking a look around.

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