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Well done Wales

All credit to Wales for winning the Grand Slam in such style yesterday evening..........between clenched teeth I have to admit that they more than deserved it. I bet there were a record number of sore heads over the border this morning !! The Wales v France game was a proper game of rugby, and even on TV the atmosphere seemed to be electric - what must it have been like to have actually been there ?

At least we put up a proper performance against Ireland at Twickenham, especially after the disgrace that was the Scotland match the weekend before - did England even turn up to that ? I still can't work out what went on there, but in time I will erase the painful memory from my head. My middle brother Julian was at the Ireland match yesterday and said it was awesome.

Looks like what they have been saying for ages now is possibly true - this Danny Cipriani guy had a great game at 10, but counting out Johnny in the future would be foolish. World class players do not simply become has-beens over night. We all remember that great day in 2003 I am sure.

Some nice bull huss are being caught around here at the moment, including good numbers of fish over 10lbs, but why on earth do so many anglers have to kill them simply to weigh them in for clubs, medals and trophies etc ? Surely with decent scales and cheap digital cameras the days of killing fish simply to weigh in are over now ? Sadly not..................don't get me wrong, taking the odd fish to eat is just fine, but taking prime fish to get your name up on a board is doing nothing remotely positive for the future of our sport. Anybody can justify taking a fish to eat, but on on earth can any of us justify killing a fish to make us look like great anglers ? If there is one species that we can have an effect on as shore anglers, it is the bull huss - take too many big fish out and I really believe that you are adversely affecting the very marks you fish.

Anyway, the forecast is for brighter weather and colder winds tomorrow, and I am off for a day's photographing and fishing for mullet, one of the UK's great saltwater species. Few fish fight so hard on light gear - this is going to be a great way to spend a Monday.

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