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What a stretch of coastline......

We have not even got close to scratching the surface of the bass fishing potential around the Copper Coast stretch of coastline here in Ireland, but it's a breathtaking place with awesome looking marks almost every single place you pass by. Like above. If that does not scream bass then I don't know what does. A couple of fish came off it, and Trevor had a big fish free itself right at his feet yesterday afternoon. A day left out here and already I can't wait to come back.

The bass seem to be super-charged around here. When they hit you there's not much choice but to really pile on the pressure and horse them out. Andy's fish above came on a Duo Tide Minnow Surf 135, an awesome lure for using when there is a good degree of chop and life on the water - hugely stable and a proven fish taker. The chance to really use and test a lot of different gear by fishing relentlessly for a number of days on end is just invaluable. Plus of course the time to really learn, learn and keep on learning.

It's as if the fish knew I was perched on a rock photographing Andy releasing his bass. Look at the fish over the light coloured rock in amongst all the green weed. Could not have asked for much more !! Always the best bit of the whole experience is watching these magnificent fish swim off unharmed. Gets me every time that we can so enjoy the sport of catching these fish and then make the decision to release them. Taking the odd fish for eating never hurt anybody, but why would any (sport) angler ever want to take

As much as this bit of coastline is just sublime, Ireland often has some tricks up its sleeve when it comes to bass fishing. Open coast jumping around on rocks is an awesome way to go bass fishing, but over here it is often the case that the estuaries and bays are the holding areas for some really big fish, plus serious numbers at time. Andy and I took a wrong turn the other day and got a bit lost. My fault, but it's easier to blame Andy !! But then he spotted a bunch of anglers out bass fishing. Looks interesting, so the next day we headed out there ourselves. We saw bass to around 10lbs landed, took a couple ourselves, and learnt a whack load into the bargain. My fish shook itself off as I held the leader ready to Boga it, but I reckon it was around 6-8lbs. Awesome stuff. Saw some really big fish bow-waving around, and you would not believe the kind of spot it was. If that was at home I would not think of going bassing there for one second. Went out early this morning and took one off the rocks on my first cast - guess the lure. MZG..........!! Packing up some gear now to head out again on the back tide.

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