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What can you do ?

It's happened before, it's happened on this particular trip, and I know full well that it's going to happen again sometime in the future - the eternal gamble that is a fishing/photography trip away, and principally when that gamble doesn't pay off. What can you do about it other than put it down to experience, plan to come again, and of course flick a couple of cheeky fingers at the weather gods and demand of them that they treat you better next time. And yes, it goes without saying that it doesn't work like that................

I come and stay in Dungarvan because this part of Ireland offers me so much on the bass fishing front, and for the most part we get a lot of different options depending on the conditions that we are dealt - but not this time, indeed it's as if the "perfect" combination of winds and rain have combined to thwart our efforts.. One day perhaps when I am long, long gone, weather forecasters will actually be able to accurately forecast more than about a day and a half ahead, but for the time being we do what we can to stack the odds in our favour and then trust to Mother Nature.

I can't help but feel a certain amount of frustration at there being essentially no decent water around at the moment, but it's nearly November and these trips towards the end of the year are perhaps more of a gamble than say coming in June or July. It's no more than bad luck that Dungarvan Bay is so unfishable at the moment, but I can't help feeling that when this coastline gets back into a decent shape that it's going to fish its socks off. We've had a few small bass on the soft plastics bumped in various currents, but we have also spent a lot of time looking for decent fishing conditions - and for the most part we have been dealt a bit of a kicking to say the least !!

But that's fishing. We all know that and nothing is going to stop me planning various trips back over to Ireland for next year. Getting kicked by the weather is part and parcel of what I do and it would be pretty pathetic if I let the odd bit of back luck get in the way of my continued loved affair with this magical country. I learn more each time I come and I hope I leave as a slightly better angler. I can't believe how this whole lure fishing thing has so captured me and I just love the fact that for all that I have learnt and experienced, in reality I know that I have hardly even started yet. I bet that a lot of you feel exactly the same way.................

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