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What caused you to get various lures ?

I guess what I am getting at here is what influences you to choose a particular lure. Is it the fact that you know how it's going to work via the design, and you have found that a certain kind of lure action or behaviour works really well where you fish ? Or did it just look pretty awesome on the shelf and some little voice in your head convinced you that it had to kill ? Did you read about a particular lure doing really well, or perhaps a mate smashed some fish on one and you then had to go and get it ?

It strikes me that sometimes in life we seem reluctant to admit when we are influenced by somebody or something else. Perhaps it's human nature ? I don't like to think for example that any form of advertising ever influences me, but it has to, and perhaps without me even really knowing about it. If there is one thing that the internet and the modern ability to "communicate" so quickly and effectively has done for fishing it's the ease and speed that right up to date info travels around. How that info is then dissected and shared on certain mediums is sometimes good and sometimes questionable, but at the end of the day I reckon all of us who use the internet have surely had some benefit to our own fishing.

Only fairly recently for example I stumbled upon these OSP DoLive Sticks (soft plastic jerkbait kind of lure). My human pride if you like would love to say that I cleverly scoured the shops and websites on the hunt for a soft plastic that would murder fish for me, but the simple fact is that I heard of a double figure bass caught by a guy I know from a very local mark I fish, and it was caught on one of those 6'' DoLive Sticks - and I like to think that if there is one thing I can do is actually listen with an open mind and pick up information. Either I choose to think wow, that is some fish and move on, or otherwise I think wow, awesome fish, but if that lure has worked on a local mark I fish, then surely it might work for me, and also it might work elsewhere as well ? Best buy some and give them a punt. Which I did, and now I don't go out bass fishing without a few 6'' DoLive Sticks in my (ever growing) box of tricks. That one fish influenced me to try something a bit different and it worked from the off. When I next go wrasse fishing for example, I'm going to try out some black soft plastics. Why ? Because my mate Del was telling me the other day how well plain black has been doing for him on his local wrasse population - check here for a cracking wrasse he caught of just over 6lbs the other day - on a black plastic. If it works there then surely it's worth a go around here ? I am using those "heavier than regular" Wave Worm Bamboo Stick senko things because some mates in Ireland started smashing fish on them and I took that as a pretty good reason for trying them out. Surely this all swings in roundabouts ?

Some people listen with an open mind, some people listen but don't really listen, and some people don't even bother listening because they seem to know it all anyway. Sure, it's a giggle to "find" a lure that does well for you and you can then wind your mates up with some secret squirrel stuff, but at the end of the day there aren't enough lures out there for us all to be discovering unique ones. I can look at many of the lures I use for my fishing these days and think about how and why I got them, and so often it's because I was influenced in some way, shape or form by other anglers. You won't find many anglers screaming from the rooftops about their favourite fishing spots, but one thing I will never, ever understand in fishing is any kind of reluctance to divulge what methods, techniques or lures one might be catching fish on. Fishing moves onwards and upwards because anglers help shift it along, and surely we can all play some small part in this..............