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What do you look for ?

These cold, lean months always seem to get me looking at all manner of fishing gear to tide me through, and naturally I am drawn to the increasing number of nice shiny lures out there. I can't help it I suppose, but it is so easy to trawl around the internet and the fishing forums and think about different bits and pieces to get in. But I got to thinking about how we would go choosing say a lure to fish with - and it could as easily be rods, reels, lines etc. When you go looking, do you try to find something completely different to what you have already, or do you prefer to try to find some kind of variation on a lure that you know works well ?

Let's say you have a lure that you know is an absolute killer for bass - something like the Tackle House Feed Shallow or the MegaBass Zonk 120 Gataride. Do you accept that those lures are the best they can be, or does the voice in your head drive you to see if you can find something similar which may end up fishing even better ? I am very much into all manner of lures which work really shallow, but I came across something around early autumn last year which somehow sits almost exactly in between a surface lure and an ultra-shallow minnow like the IMA Komomo SF125. It's not a new lure by any stretch, but it was new to me, and what gave me almost instant confidence with it was the simple fact that I caught bass on it in exactly the place I envisaged it working. And we all know that's a huge jolt of confidence in a lure. This is the MegaBass Do-Rum 120SD. It does not cast particularly well like say the Gataride, but from my limited experience with it, I have found that I can get it to literally swim almost in the film of water just between surface and sub-surface if that makes sense. Use a slow but constant retrieve, get the rod tip up, and this Do-Rum swims with the most awesome side to side intense rolling action that bass obviously like - check out this video clip here to see it swimming.

But do I really need to be carrying a lure like this ? It is not cheap, and I can't see it coming out as much as a "conventional" surface or sub-surface lure due to sea conditions etc. The fact is though that it worked for me, and it does something a little different. I don't really have a lure like it, and who's to say that over time I don't end up using it lots and lots ? I am hoping that it's a difficult lure to lose (cost), but for some reason the Do-Rum makes perfect sense to me and how/where I like to fish for bass. I love playing around with this kind of stuff, indeed I am sure that a psychiatrist would have a field day with lure nuts - harking back to childhood toys and all that kind of psycho-babble, but I still can't believe how this whole bass and lure fishing thing has got to me. Plenty more to come..........