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What the hell happened ?

There I am on Saturday afternoon, watching England v Wales, loving the first half, and looking forward to the floodgates opening during the second half. Out trot England after what I presume was a good half time talk, and then they go and implode in the most unbelieveable fashion. OK, so we were making a few mistakes in the first half, but we were playing some good rugby. It looked like a team shaking off a bit of rustiness to me, but with good potential when things came together.............in the second half as I hoped. We won some great turnover ball in the first half and really had the Welsh on the ropes.

So what the hell happened after half time ?

It's like a different team came out and decided to lose a match that was basically won good and proper. Panic swept through the team, to the point where some really experienced players even began to do stupid things that they would never normally do. It also seems like we have a load of good players out injured for a while now. What a depressing Saturday afternoon, should have gone fishing instead !!

And then on Sunday, I had to allow a Welshman into my home for lunch - imagine the shame I felt, and the sheer pride he felt when he shook my hand and merely stood there beaming, without having to say a word. But rest assured that I made sure he got no lunch and had to stand in the corner on his own for the rest of the day, while us Englishmen talked about what the hell went wrong during the match !! What a start to the week............I am gutted, I am depressed and I am really narked off. What happened to the sheer guts and glory attitude we had in those few golden years up to and including 2003 ? Where has it all gone wrong ?

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