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What weather forecasting service do you use?

If you fish in saltwater especially I am guessing that you obsess about the weather and weather forecasts even more than we Brits tend to do anyway. Whilst I can’t go fishing at the moment due to this frigging hole in my leg, I still check the weather forecast a lot, and because I am an angler and I can’t help it, I like to be able to step outside and know straight away where the wind is coming from. I don’t know where you live yourself, but I always feel a tad uncomfortable when I have to spend time inland and away from the sea and I can’t simply stand there and know where that wind is coming from. Daft I know, but I guess that a lot of you here feel the same way. Aside from standing there and feeling the wind and weather though, what weather forecasting service do you use, whilst accepting of course that the actual longerterm forecasting of weather in the UK and Ireland seems to be somewhat challenging however many supercomputers they all have………….

I tend to assume that the online weather forecast websites such as XCWeather and WindGuru are getting their data from the same places, but for me it’s the simple and very easy to understand XCWeather website that I tend to look at the most. As per the screenshot above, I just like the way the data is laid out, and whilst I accept that the longerterm forecasting isn’t exactly to be trusted, like all of us I am sure I can’t help but keep an eye on it and dream/cry/scream/jump for joy etc. Before any trip over to Ireland for example I am watching and watching the long-term forecasts, knowing of course that they tend to count for nothing, but still I watch and hope because it’s how we are wired - and then of course you take exactly what you get and roll with it.

I know that lots of anglers keep a close eye on the WindGuru website, and so do I, but while I like it as a way to see the weather forecast, it’s still the XCWeather website for me that is the easiest to quickly look at. I do check the BBC weather and I tend to watch the local forecast on our BBC Spotlight programme down here, but I don’t tend to trust the wind speeds much on the BBC website - are the averaged out over land? There are of course a heap of weather websites etc. out there, and if there is anything specific that I should be looking at then please tell me via the comments section down below.

For sheer hypnotic viewing pleasure though (online weather, seriously?), nothing comes close to the above Windty website that I stumbled upon recently. I have no idea if it’s any more or less accurate than something like XCWeather, but there’s something about those hypnotic wind arrows that makes me want to look at it. This will not catch me any more fish of course, and as much as looking at weather forecasts ain’t going to get me and my leg out on the cliffs any sooner, in my head I have been fishing loads recently. Sure, the weather may well be the one single thing that cocks a lot of our fishing plans up, but not being able to go because of the weather feels so different to not being able to go because of needing to heal up. It may well be January and the weather may well be all over the place, but when you can’t physically go, wow does it make you want to go even more!! Have a good weekend from a rather frustrated angler who needs to go angling.