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What's the deal with this YGK G-soul X3 braid ?

A thoroughly nice Japanese angler recently responded on a Facebook thread of mine that referenced a blog post I wrote recently about braids - see here. This rather kind bloke suggested to me that I simply had to check out this YGK G-soul X3 braid as it was what he uses for his (sea) bass fishing in Japan and he loves the stuff. Well I found out at the T&G show in October that the TronixPro people are now the distributors for YGK lines here in the UK (check here) and I have to say a huge thanks to the very kind person concerned for sending me some of the lines to try out. I have personally never used any YGK lines but once again I take my hat off to a UK company for working to bring another Japanese fishing tackle brand into this country.

Now I have only had a few chucks with this braid in the 20lb breaking strain, but give me some time and I will be able to report back with some proper thoughts. From the off though I am wondering if this is one of those "quiet" products that I wish I had stumbled upon a while ago. Is it ? Time will tell, but it comes highly recommended from Yoji over in Japan and a friend of mine has loaded up with a spool and so far he's loving it for bass fishing around where I live - and believe me, this bloke knows his lure fishing backwards and he fishes a lot more than I do. I also don't want to be battering my 8-strands on the rocks for wrasse as I have done so a bit this year and I am looking for lines that might better suit my various needs.

From my understanding this YGK G-soul X3 is a three strand braid - I've kind of got my head around 4-strands and 8-strand braids, yet here's a braid made up of only 3 strands, and if I am not mistaken then it should offer some pretty good abrasion resistance. For a few years now I have been loving how thin some of these 8-strand braids are, but I understand that lines like this are not going to offer say the same abrasion resistance as something more "substantial" like Power Pro. I also believe that tight lines, fighting fish and sharp rocks are what they are - tough on any line. What I would love to know then is how on earth this 3-strand 20lb "budget" braid (and at under £20 for a 150m spool I have to class it as a budget braid really) manages to be so incredibly thin and also feel so good ? I blogged a while ago about my confusions over things like PE ratings (see here), but it's interesting to notice that the PE rating of the YGK G-soul 3 in the 20lb breaking strain is only 1.2 - accepting of course that a low diameter is not remotely everything, but I do like a thin line that casts well. It might initially feel a little strange going from 8-strand braids to stuff like this, but I want to get back to some of the cheaper braids and see what if anything I end up missing - if you want to have a crack on the 8-strands, then the cheapest ones I know of are the Sunline Momentum 4x4 and the Daiwa Tournament 8-braid. I really like the Sunline in the 20lb breaking strain and the Daiwa in that bright green 25lb, although you could save more money again by buying a 300 metre spool of the Daiwa in 20lb or 30lb and then loading up with 150 metres at a time to get two fills from one spool (the Accudepth 30lb multicolour line is awesome, did me proud in France last week on the boat as indeed it has done me proud plenty of times before) - but how do you measure off 150 yards ? Walk it down the street I suppose or sprint 100m on an athletics track and then turn around and sprint halfway back, but from my reckoning that would make it the cheapest 8-strand braid I have seen here in the UK. And if 150 yards is not enough for your own UK bass fishing then I would gently suggest that you need to locate that thing called a drag on your reel and tighten it up a bit more.

So is this YGK G-soul X3 line going to be a serious find for me and my fishing ? I don't know, but unless I am overlooking something obvious here it does seem to be offering a lot for the money and I am looking forward to giving it a thrash on bass, pollack and wrasse. Are any of you out there using this line already ? Am I missing something bleeding obvious ? All I need now is for this insane weather to start behaving and I can get out and about on my local coastline and see if what some of us feel could happen before about mid-Jan on the bass especially might come true......................