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What's the "grippiest" hard lure you've got?

I was out the other day in some conditions that were verging on unfishable, and it got me thinking about how some of the lures I was carrying were essentially useless when faced with the raging bit of sea I was trying to catch bass from. A really shallow diving hard lure is obviously designed to work near the surface, and if near the surface is very turbulent then for the most part it ain't going to "grip" in - not the lure's fault, rather our fault for putting on the wrong lure for the conditions. To be honest I was mostly checking out some new ground and working out how much sea it could take before filling up with colour and weed, but once more it rammed home to me how some of these little bits of (not cheap) plastic are often some pretty amazing little things really.

I am sure like me you have a few lures that you turn to when conditions get really bouncy, and if we take various soft plastics out of the mix here, what for you are the lures that "bite" in the best? The lures that get you out there into a strong headwind, grip in hard on the retrieve and thus put you in with a shout at catching fish. How rough is rough I suppose, but you know what I'm talking about - those times you have to keep a close eye on the surging waves and have quite possibly getting the hell out of the way if required. These times though can be when serious bass turn up, as per the photo above - a 10lb south coast Irish bass taken on the MegaBass Zonk Gataride in that pearl colour if I remember rightly. Without doubt one of those lures for me that I trust to keep me fishing in these kinds of conditions...........

I really like the look of the MegaBass X-80 Magnum, indeed it kind of crept up on me as one of the longest casting minnow type hard lures I have come across, and it just "bites" so hard into a sea and keeps you fishing. I know it might not look like it, but this thing just arrows into the wind. I haven't caught a bass on this lure yet, albeit I probably haven't given it enough time yet. Have any of you had good bass fishing on this lure?

One of the hard lures I would never be without now when the conditions are on the bouncy side, the IMA Hound 125F Glide, or whatever variation on the Hound "family". I just liked the look of this lure from the off, and it obviously helps when a new lure works almost straight away for you, as per the fish above. Confidence is key is it not? There's nothing radical or very different about the action, indeed many lures are simply variations on another are they not, and by whatever process we stumble upon the ones that work for us. This Hound Glide gets me out there and keeps me fishing, and because I have caught on it before I therefore feel confident that the lure will do it for me if there are feeding fish around. It's a missile of a lure. Obviously I am not remotely excited that there's a slightly larger and heavier 140mm version of this lure coming out soon..........

One of the first hard lures that began to appear on my radar as one of those rougher weather specialists if you like was the DUO Tide Minnow 145 SLD-S (sinking), and yes, the different Tide Minnow codes are bloody confusing. I do like white lures in murkier water and I have always regretted not buying a white version of this lure when I saw it in a tackle shop but thought nope, I'll get it another time - and some swine of an angler had gone and bought it when I was next in there!! DUO lures are just class bits of kit and you're not going to far wrong with this one when the sea starts a pounding.

How about the IMA Sasuke family, and specifically for me the 120 and 140 models which over time I have learnt to trust implicitly as bass-catching weapons? The MegaBass X140SW of course has to come into the mix, and the 120mm sinking Jackson Athlete minnow is one I have done well on. There are a few Daiwa lures from Japan that look pretty awesome, but I haven't seen them. Same with Shimano. I am of course very sure that there are any number of really "grippy" hard lures out there that I haven't seen or used, so please feel free to tell me what works for you in those rougher conditions that this time of year tends to be about. I also keep meaning to load the arse end of the bigger 7'' MegaBass DOT Crawler with a few rattles and give it some decent water time in rougher conditions. The season ain't over yet...............

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