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When fishing hurts.......

Ah, the gentle art of fishing. A sport enjoyed by millions of people in perfect safety. How could something like fishing ever hurt ? Well I have it on good authority that a member of our group of four in the Florida Keys last week has come away with a cracked rib. You will be pleased to hear the person concerned is manning up very well, and of course the other three guys never laughed at all at how it happened............yeah, right. Sympathy for fishing injuries amongst a bunch of mates is not high on the agenda, and especially when one of your group goes and hooks his first amberjack and then rams the rod butt with gimbal fitting so hard in his ribs that he ends up cracking one !! I am not going to reveal who it was, but I have heard that he is finding it somewhat painful when he laughs. He got the AJ in though. Plus plenty more good fish throughout the week, and all without too much reference to his potentially life-threatening rib injury.

Somebody else in our group also managed to lose their footing when trying out a spot of LRF Florida Keys style and then smash their knees somewhat unceremoniously hard into the gunnels. I like to imagine that the fish he hooked was so surprisingly big on such light gear that he was instead pulled to the gunnels by the sheer power of it, but in truth I think he might have slipped as claimed. Oh, and then his little LRF rod was broken by the fish. Once again, some serious manning up was called for, and I don't think we heard about the injury more than fifty times through the course of the week. A brave bunch of anglers eh ? Another of the guys got bitten by a mosquito on the heel and made out that he was dying from swollen ankle syndrome. He also got a lot of sympathy as you can imagine.

But the prize for idiot of the week goes to one of us four tits who decided to take a bet and jump off Rodney's boat going at 25mph. This person was heard to ask of Rodney "would it hurt if I jumped off the boat ?", and also "will you come back and pick me up if I jump off ?". The sheer stupidity eh ? But the person did it, and not without some degree of grace and agility I might add. This person grabbed the railings at the front of the boat and launched themselves out of the boat. Hitting the surface of the water with a boat going at 25mph must have felt a little like hitting concrete, but the person showed great bravery in being so stupid, and he even managed to join the rest of the lads in wetting themselves over supper that night when he discovered that he had minor whiplash and some kind of internal injury that caused him to wince in pain and clutch his stomach when he coughed or sneezed. How stupid could anybody be to make that jump, but at least this person manned up big time and managed to hide the injuries from his wife until he sneezed and then involuntarily doubled up in pain. Guess how much sympathy that person got from their wife ? But at least that person managed to apportion a percentage of the blame for the boat jump onto the bloke who made the bet with them. The gentle art. Except for when four blokes go away together on a fishing trip.......