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When I can't keep fishing

I got into Roscoff bang on time at 8am French time this morning, and I am at the brand new Fiiish offices/warehouse just outside of Brest. I've got a few moments to show you some photographs I shot yesterday morning in the quiet little part of Cornwall where I live. I had better be quick here, but it was one of those situations when although the fishing was rubbish, from the off I had a feeling that the light might go a bit loopy when that sun poked its head up. I know that I should be doing more night fishing with lures, but as much as I intend to do so next year, it will break me that I could well be missing mornings like we had yesterday............

There weren't, but if there had been double figure bass smashing surface lures yesterday morning I couldn't have not dumped my rod down and spent time shooting a bunch of photos. Sitting on a rock for five minutes when the best of it was over and enjoying a cup of coffee was about as good as life is ever going to get if you ask me. Peace and quiet and a stunning part of the world. Anyway, best get back to it. Vive la France!! The Fiiish lot are such a nice bunch of people and it's great to be back out here. Talk about a buzzy company.

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