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When it switches on.....

These kinds of sessions are what you live for. Fishing is always a blast, but always you are hoping that weather and conditions come together to produce a bunch of decent fish. As we are packing up to head home early on Saturday morning, we can reflect on yet another awesome Irish fishing trip. We had all kinds of weather to contend with, but whatever got thrown at us we kept on fishing and caught some bass - and as per usual, it's a huge thanks to the guys around here who have once again gone out of their way to help us out. Cian, Ger, James and Paul - you are all complete stars and we are forever in your debt. You would be hard pressed to find a more talented or dedicated bunch of saltwater anglers than this lot.

When Ireland fires it tends to really produce some fishing that will live with you for a long time. Andy nailed this bass of dead-on 9lbs from a very shallow rough ground mark, and not long before this magnificent fish he landed one close to 7lbs. I just love it when bass start to get big and that tail starts to get really meaningful if you get my drift.

It was Cian's 30th birthday a couple of days ago, and of course he celebrated it as any mad keen angler would - by going fishing of course !! He told me that he saw this bass literally come out of the water and across the weed on the chase for his beloved IMA Komomo II. You should hear the Irish lads rave about this ultra shallow-diving bass slayer of a lure. Happy Birthday Cian from all of us lot - we consider ourselves honoured to have you as a friend, and here's to many, many more fine times fishing together.

We have all caught some nice bass over the last couple of days on both hard and soft lures. The biggest single thing for me on this trip was getting to hammer some bass using these WaveWorms 5'' Tiki-BamBook Sticks. I have been around some "weightless soft plastics for bass" fishing over in Jersey before, but in the end you need to catch some fish yourself to generate the vital levels of confidence to continue on with it. Talk about light bulbs going off in my head as I begin to try and break down some of what I have learnt. As far as we have all come with this lure fishing stuff, when I go and see what has happened on this trip then I think that perhaps we haven't really started yet. And that to me is about as exciting as it gets in fishing terms. Best finish packing to go and catch the ferry home tomorrow morning. Lots more to come about all this - including some thoughts on bits and pieces of fishing tackle out here that we have all been playing with. Some of it has just blown my mind it's so good.