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When the weather breaks and a few fish come out to play, down here in Kerry is pretty damn special

I wish I had more time to devote to my blog out here in Kerry, but this guiding work is some hectic stuff. It’s also a huge amount of fun when we are lucky enough to have such a nice bunch of anglers who are in the same boat as me - smitten with this part of the world, and especially when the bad weather passes on through and this quiet corner of Ireland lights up. Rather than me waffle on here when in fact I have got a load of photos to edit and keyword before everybody else wakes up, I will let a few photos do the talking for this particular blog post………..

Ireland Oct 2017 - 1005.jpeg
Ireland Oct 2017 - 1001.JPG
Ireland Oct 2017 - 1004.jpeg
Ireland Oct 2017 - 1009.jpeg
Ireland Oct 2017 - 1010.jpg