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When the weather gives you a kicking !!

Strike it lucky with the weather and the bass fishing here in Ireland can fire almost any time, but after some successful jaunts over here this year I can safely say that this time around I have copped a proper unfortunate one with the weather !! But as much as the fishing has been seriously tough as a result of lots of wind and the resulting dirty churned up water, it's been fun to spend another week in this awesome country. I have got to fish with some good people, shot a few half-tidy photographs, learnt plenty more about bass fishing in general, caught a couple of Irish codling, and also managed to mess around with these MegaBass rods, that MegaBass spinning reel, and of course the new Daiwa Caldia 2500 Mag Sealed reel. Lots more to come on the gear in due course, but I can't tell you how much I am liking the opportunity to use these Japanese lure rods - whatever the weather. And as for that new Caldia Mag Sealed reel ? Holy cow is enough for now, but that is some special little reel. It's going to be hard to send this stuff back !!

As much as the winter weather has kicked me hard this time around, I am already starting to make plans for various Ireland visits next year. I usually head over for the first time in June on a decent set of spring tides, but I am seriously thinking about doing a trip in early May next year, before the close season starts on the 15th of the month. Granted, every year is very different when it comes to fishing, but through April and into May this year the guys I know were smashing bass in a serious way around the Copper Coast. If you want to keep in touch with what is going on as regards fishing in this part of Ireland then keep checking out the Absolute Fishing blog and even their new Facebook page here. The weather has done for me on this trip, but I love the way this whole fishing thing is so addictive and exciting that already I am looking forward to coming back to Ireland in 2012. Anyway, I had best go pack my gear up for my ferry crossing tomorrow morning back to the UK - rather hoping it's going to sail with the wind that is howling outside at the moment..........