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When the wind blows

Nobody could ever accuse the weather we get of being boring !! Obviously it happens every year that we move from summer to autumn, but doesn't it always amaze you how quickly that transition seems to take place ? One day you're finishing off a Sunday roast and rushing down to the beach for a swim because it's so calm and warm, and seemingly the next it's blowing a monster and the coastline is a mess of mucky water, massive waves and weed.

Without taking anything away from the damage that the storm from the other night wrought on a few parts of the country, surely you also get the impression that the weather forecasters are so scarred by their failure at calling the 1987 storm that they now play it as safe as they can and would rather be accused of downgrading a potential threat rather than get caught out again. I woke up at 4.30am on the morning of this "super storm" expecting the roof of my house to be close to lifting off, but here in south east Cornwall we got no more than a decent October gale with some strong gusts. Oh, and how many of you find it hard to adjust to the clocks going back ? Only an hour back it may be, but in this house there is some early waking up going on..........

I continue to reflect on my most recent trip to Ireland last week and wonder what might have been - but on the other hand of course I chalk it down to bad luck and me being perfectly prepared to take those weather based gambles. I know that my increased experiences this year of fishing so many calm, warm and clear days over in Ireland have without doubt helped me to learn a load more about where to fish and also how to catch bass when it gets tough, but on the other hand I can't help but compare so much of the rest of the year to the hammering we got last week. As I always say, when fishing wants to give you a kicking, little else does it so well !!

If there is one thing that tough conditions does though it's show up dodgy gear. I spoke last week when I was out there about my mate Del's new kayaking cag failing so spectacularly on that first (very wet) morning, but I continue to believe that there has to be some sort of logic to using these style of waterproof tops for some of the lure fishing that we do. Now Del might have just been unlucky with the top he bought, but at around the £100 mark, surely one can expect the thing to at least make an effort at keeping one dry ? Do any of you have good experiences with these kinds of waterproofs, and if so, how much did you need to spend to get something decent ?

£450 is some serious wedge to spend on a waterproof jacket, but I do know that Nick Hart remained perfectly dry and almost daftly comfortable all week in his new Simms Slick jacket (yes, I know Simms is a fly fishing brand, but I don't remember seeing a waterproof jacket that looks so perfectly designed for the lure fishing that so many of us do), save for the time he got a bit overexcited, waded out too deep, and shipped one of those waves that runs up the inside of your jacket and down the front of your waders. Honestly, it wasn't remotely funny.

Personally I remain confident that the best of the year's bass fishing is on its way around where I live - if we get some tidy conditions. I know that my saying how incredibly mild it still is most likely means an epic cold spell is about to settle over us, but if it stays relatively mild for as long as possible I reckon it might be a good end to the year. I accept completely that this again is me trying to apply some sort of human logic to the fact that a dire start to the year might then mean a good back end, but there's no harm in hoping and of course trying. I also can't imagine how well parts of Ireland might fish when that water starts to clear up. Don't whatever you do start packing away that lure gear just yet...................

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