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When the wind blows

Holy cow we’re copping it at the moment - welcome to 2016!! I hope you all had a good Xmas, and a very Happy New Year. Whilst we are not getting the levels of rain that those poor people are suffering further north - still pretty wet though - it’s interesting how this winter is turning out to be a pretty wild one so far. All those plans and ideas for going bass fishing on the local marks that tend to fire this time of year, yet the coastline around here has essentially been blown now for weeks on end. Fancy chucking a Skimmer into a 50mph southerly?

Which I have to admit on the one hand hand makes me feel a whole lot better because I couldn’t have gone fishing anyway, but on the other hand I am gutted for various friends of mine who I know are suffering some serious cabin fever. What can you do though? It’s winter after all, and whilst it has been so incredibly mild that the grass keeps growing and the poor daffodils are properly confused, when the wind blows it tends to do so properly at this time of year, and whilst it’s not as severe as that ridiculously wild winter a few years back, I would be perfectly happy if the wind would now sod off for a while and we could get a few spells of cold and clear weather.

If any of you would like any advice on how to sit on your arse for over two weeks and not end up going mad, then I’m your man. Thank god for films, box sets, my Kindle, and of course this perfectly epic test cricket that is going on at the moment between England and South Africa - how about Ben Stokes’ sublime but savage double century in Cape Town yesterday? Not sure sport gets much better than that. My arse has officially gone flat from sitting on the sofa for so long, but things seem to be healing up and the lovely nurses who kindly change the dressing on my leg are happy with the sodding great hole that’s there. When this thing heals up I am going to be left with a beauty of a dent in my shin. I have a couple of weeks left to wait until I get the results from my operation, and whilst I can’t pretend that the waiting gets any easier, my wife and girls have been so kind to me this Xmas, and the whole family thing is really helping me get through it. It might well have been pissing it down almost all the time, but I cannot tell you how much I have dreamt about getting the waterproofs on and going for a long dog walk. I will be trying a few trundles this week to see how things go, indeed I must admit to being somewhat surprised at just how immobile this operation has made me.

Here’s to a fantastic 2016, and I hope it proves to be a good year for all of you who kindly read this blog. If they have got my cancer then I will most likely jump for joy and kiss the surgeon, and if it’s spread then I will deal with it as best I can. I think about my aunt for example who is going through the absolute ringer with cancer at the moment; far, far worse than this blip that I am going through, yet the has taken the time to call me over Xmas a few times and wish me all the luck in the world for operations and results etc. I would like to say a huge thanks to so many people for so many kind messages of support - thank you. If you would rather not read stuff that revolves around me going through this whole cancer thing then I understand completely, but I make no apologies. I would far rather be upfront and honest, and I cannot tell you how much strength I draw from talking about it. Come on better weather and roll on spring time.

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