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When your dog lets you down...........

Butter wouldn't melt eh ? Yeah, right !! Our puppy Storm has a look she gives that makes us smile every time and she is turning out to be a cracker of a dog. I train pretty hard, but sheepdogs need a lot of human interaction and I love how this is. When she sees me getting my fishing gear together Storm get's really excited and she so loves coming fishing. We had our annual day yesterday when we head up to Nick Hart and his lot and get all the kids fishing and have some lunch up at the stunning Exe Valley Fishery. Yes, of course the main thing for the dads is to get the kids into a few fish, but when their enthusiasm wanes slightly then perhaps the dads have a little fish themselves for some rather obliging fish !! My brother Julian hammered just a few rainbows and of course I never put a bright pink senko out across the any method lake to see if I might get nailed. At the end of the day, who are the bigger kids ?

As I said, Storm loves coming fishing, but what would life be if from time to time one's dog did not let you down and utterly disgrace themself !! As I said, I train her pretty hard and she is responding so well. I sometimes think that sheepdogs are almost too bright for their own good and they are a breed to have as a pet only if you like going for lots and lots of long walks and are into giving your dog lots and lots of attention. Which we as a family are, but dogs are like fishing gear - very personal things.

If you have a dog then I bet at some time or another you have had the thing come up to you all proud as punch looking. What's going on ? Then you get a whiff. Yes, they've gone and rolled in something. Storm not only loves eating copious quantities of sheep poo (why ?), but from time to time she also likes to take a bath in it. Pretty bad smell, but nothing too drastic. Fox or badger poo ? I would class that as a very bad smell and although she does not do it too often, it does require a session with the hose and some strong shampoo - which she absolutely hates, indeed if I go near the hose for some other reason now Storm runs off to hide.

But yesterday Storm went one giant step further. I saw her at the far end of the lake looking a bit sheepish and as she came closer one of the worst smells I have ever smelt hit me. There were tell-tale signs around her neck area where she had rolled in something and she was also licking her lips and looking guilty as hell. I "encouraged" her not to do it again and got back to fishing with the kids. In due course we all sat down to have a picnic and Storm slinks towards us smelling like you would not believe. Honestly, the sort of smell that makes me dry heave it's so bad, and although the dog is looking a bit sheepish you can tell she's also rather proud of covering herself with such a pungent perfume. Why ? Why on earth does a dog think that rolling is delightful ? Storm smelt so disgusting that I had to get her away from us while we were having lunch and make sure she came nowhere close to us. Why when they smell so bad do they seem to want to be even closer to you ?

There was only one thing that Storm could have rolled in and most likely partaken of - dead rotting trout. Where she found it I don't know, but you have never smelt a dog like Storm yesterday, to the point where I was considering disowning her. Dark marks of pure filth around her neck area and a kind of smug grin on her cheeky little face. How on earth can dead rotting trout be even remotely appealing ? Did any other dogs roll in this offering yesterday ? Nope. My brothers' dogs have a reputation for very occasionally letting the side down (sorry guys !!), so I am sure that it was with a certain amount of pleasure yesterday that their dogs behaved utterly immaculately and instead it was our "bright as you like" sheepdog that went and let us down. Storm smelt so bad that she had to go in the back of Nick's truck on the way to their place for a cup of tea and we had to hose her down and leave her out in the garden. Thanks Storm !!

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