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Which way do you look at the conditions/fishing ?

I suppose you could throw your toys out of the pram and have a right hissy fit at the wind direction and rage against the unfairness of it all, but where would that get us ? For all the bits and pieces of nice shiny tackle, bass fishing is about conditions and being in the right place at the right time, and today we had some tough conditions - north east winds around here on the south coast of Ireland are about as pants as you can hope to get, but what can you do about it ? Not a damn thing except get out there and give it a go..........or don't give it a go and sit around moaning about the hand we have been dealt.

In a way these trips that many of us do are incredibly unrealistic if you actually stop and think about it - if I lived over here (yes, I know !!) then I can't imagine that I would have been out and about chasing bass on lures with winds and conditions like they are, but because we have come over for a week and that's all the time we've got here, we want to fish as much as possible almost conditions be damned if you like. You want to give it all you can and see if you can winkle the odd fish out - which we did. OK, so it was hardly the most epic day's bass fishing that I have ever seen, but you can't argue with a few fish up to around 7lbs, plus a few more follows, hits etc.

I have to give Cian his dues, because the best fish came from a spot which he made the call on. I wanted to try somewhere different further along the coast, but the lad stuck to his guns and within about half an hour of getting there, Paul had that nice fish on a MegaBass Zonk Gataride in that pearl colour that always seems to do well in the more coloured water. Yes, these killer lures have got weakish bibs that can break if you smash them into rocks, but the simple fact is that you can whack them out, wind them straight in and catch bass. It's up to the individual angler as to whether he or she chooses to use the lure, but I do notice that my Irish mates hardly ever go to a mark without at least one Gataride in their box.

The wind's still pumping north east here, but the forecast is giving it to swing around into the west/south west from about Saturday night I believe. If that happens then the fishing could really switch on, but until then we will do what we can to move around the coastline and see if we can locate a few bass. The thing that really keeps us buzzing is the fact that there are some big, hungry bass around at the moment and because this is Ireland and you just never know what's going to happen, whatever the conditions you could hook and land a monster almost at any time..............

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