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Why are some anglers litter-dropping scum ?

I don't get it. I will never get it in a million years. Why oh why would any angler ever consider leaving their fishing related litter at a fishing spot ? Call me an optimist, but there is a part of me that likes to think that us anglers are a bunch of people perhaps that little better connected to the outdoors than a lot of other people who don't revolve in part around the rhythms of the tides and winds. We love where we fish and therefore we like to look after where we fish and we wouldn't go leaving litter because we are so in love with the great outdoors and all the great stuff it has to offer.

I nipped out for a few hours yesterday afternoon to see if any local wrasse might not have hyperthermia and maybe felt like chowing down a few soft plastics. I was tucked out of the wind as much as possible and wandered along a quiet and pretty stunning bit of coastline not far from where I live. A good walk/scramble for Storm and I, but luckily no fish saw fit to come between me and some peace and quiet - i.e. I tried all kinds of lures and colours and received not even a sniff for my efforts. Not even a tap that I could play through my head as a possible bite.

So I get to one particular little corner of the rocks and what do I see ? A bunch of fishing-related litter lying on the ground, and it can only have been left there instead of being washed up like to much litter is on this glorious coastline that surrounds this island we live on. I am not about to repeat the kind of thoughts that went through my head, and yes, of course I picked the litter up and put it in my rucksack, but yet again I have to wonder what on earth is wrong with some people ? How could any angler let alone any human being so nonchalantly leave their rubbish on the rocks like that ?

If good manners cost nothing then surely it's just decent human behaviour to take your rubbish home with you and not leave it lying around. It drives me absolutely loopy that we practise what some might term a blood sport and as a result I am always conscious that we all have a vested interest in making "our" sport look as good as possible. So how does it look when you see fishing-related litter lying on the rocks in such a beautiful place as I was yesterday ? In fact, sod all that because it's just plain wrong and it makes me sick to think that the people or the person who left that litter on the rocks does the same thing as me - fishing. So in the eyes of the non-fishing public who see "our" litter lying around I am therefore tarred with the same brush - as a litter-dropping piece of scum.

I have ranted about this before, but I make no apologies for bringing the litter thing up again. Obviously the dropping of litter is not unique to fishing and I personally believe that a good baseball-batting is not good enough for the scum who do this, but surely the whole fishing thing and all the great stuff that goes with fishing would make an angler stop and think before leaving their rubbish behind ? Surely the fact that fishing puts us in the great outdoors so much would mean that we want to do all we can to keep the outdoors great and clean ? Please, please let me catch an "angler" (you and I know they don't even deserve to be called an angler) dropping their litter..................