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Wild Dartmoor

Awesome day yesterday up on Fernworthy reservoir, just outside Chagford. What a truly wild place, right up on Dartmoor and simply stunning - I was photographing Nick Hart fly fishing for these magical wild browns. A scudding grey sky and cold wind gave the place a really moody feel, but Nick caught plenty of fish and we came away with a really strong set of photos for Trout Fisherman magazine.

There was no real way to shoot wide due to the grey skies, so I shot mainly with my 70-200 lens and kept fairly tight. Nick caught some really nice browns by heading off the beaten track amongst this bracken and fishing tight in to the bank where fish were rising all over the place. The whole place reminded me so much of the types of little Scottish lochs I first started fishing on, but Nick is a somewhat better fly fisherman than I ever was or am !!

Change of scene later today - off to photograph some wrasse fishing down in South Cornwall, should be a blast. My first ever sea fish I caught was a (small) wrasse, and ever since I have loved catching, photographing and just seeing these plucky fish. Fishing from the rocks is always something special.

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