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Wild Norway

A brief glimpse of shore fishing around Saltstraumen, near to Bodo. I managed to grab this photo of Rob Yorke fishing on a quick break from filming a programme up there last year. We were all taken aback by the sheer beauty of the location and I only with that there had been more time to really explore the photographic potential around there. But filming is filming and it is not fair for me to keep breaking away to take stills. I will be back......

Alarming shore fishing potential around Saltstraumen. We caught some big and ugly wolf fish there when filming, but I am told the best time is in winter when huge coalfish and cod (potentially 40 lbs plus for both species) can be taken on shore gear. Very cold, very dark, but what fishing !! I have also seen photos of halibut taken off the shore, plus some monster plaice. Norway has far more than the "pirking for giant cod in deep water" that is incessantly advertised in the fishing press. Honestly, hook a big coalfish and you will never look at a cod in the same light again. Looks like I should be going over to photograph some insane pike fishing in southern Norway next spring, on flies and lures. Bring it on as they say.

And as I am sure you all know, Norway is arguably the spiritual home of black metal, some of the finest music on this earth. Click here for a bit more info. Want to clear a room of some annoying guests ? Place the latest Gorgoroth album into your CD player, max the volume and behold the exodus. Awesome music for those special occasions, wonderfully brutal.

Anyway, England v France tonight, last Rugby World Cup warm up game, really hoping for a good result. Put Dallaglio in there as captain and I fancy our chances.

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