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Windy weekend

Is it just me or we having an awful lot of windy days this year ? Don't get me wrong, a bit of breeze can be great for some kinds of fishing, but you really have to feel for our professional charter fishing fleets who are very badly affected by strong winds. A good friend of mine is about the nicest charter skipper you could ever hope to meet, plus he catches a stack of good fish into the bargain, and I know he's tearing his hair out when his boat is tied up. You owe it to yourself to come fishing with Malcolm Jones who operates his boat Sea Angler II out my home port of Plymouth. Contact Malcolm here. He always goes out his way to give his clients the best day's fishing possible.

And guess what ? The forecast for the weekend down here is for very strong winds, plenty of rain and a little bit of sunshine - about par for the course for the start of spring !!

Above is a photo of one of my favourite places on earth, the stunning Isles of Scilly. I shot this on Bryher, one of the off islands. You can almost smell the pollack and mullet in that bay. If money was no object, I would buy a house over there and spend at least five months of every year living in paradise. Did I mention that the fishing is pretty good as well ?

Check out Aardvark McLeod's fantastic new website that has just been launched. Click here to have a look around. You might notice a stack of my photos all over the site as well.

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