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With what I want from a headlamp these days, I really like the look of this new Nitecore NU25 - can great things come in small packages?

I don’t know about you, but what I want from a headlamp these days is somewhat different to what I needed when I was bait fishing so much at night - plus of course the advent of LED lighting has completely changed headlamps for the better. No more heavy and bulky battery packs, no more sodding halogen bulbs that keep blowing if you look at them the wrong way, and so on - but what I want for my night lure fishing for bass is still different to what I want or indeed would want for bait fishing………….

I blogged the other day about whether light at night does or does not affect bass fishing, and for all the different answers and opinions, I am still going with trying to keep as much light off the water as possible when I am fishing areas that would not naturally see any light. I get that say a pier with a permanent light might well attract baitfish at night which in turn attracts predators, but I feel a whole lot comfortable fishing a quiet beach somewhere if as much of my fishing is done in darkness.

Whereas when I was bait fishing I would use my headlamp a hell of a lot more than I do now for my night lure fishing. I wanted more light for longer periods and I would be using my headlamp a lot more than I tend to do these days, although on the flipside I am finding myself doing more and more night lure fishing for bass and I see that percentage increasing. I need a decent headlamp, indeed the Fenix HL30 I was using for much of last year is pretty damn good.

But the more night lure fishing I do, the more I learn about what I need to make that fishing more efficient - and the one thing that has become increasingly important is trying to preserve your night vision that builds up over time as your eyes get more and more used to the darkness. I could of course eat more carrots which I don’t actually like (but I keep catching my wife sneaking them into various dishes), or I could just use more red light to do the essentials when night fishing. You may or may not know that red light preserves your night vision unlike your more regular white light which messes things up for a while until your eyes adjust again, and considering that I am doing what I can to keep bright white light off the water and red light is meant to be far less visible to fish under the water, it therefore makes sense that I should do more by red light when I am out night fishing.

And this over time has exposed an issue with my Fenix HL30 - it has a red light as well as the various white light settings, and I really like how that red light is accessed with a separate switch, but the red light only has an output of 1 lumen. Hang on Henry, what on earth is a lumen? Well I’m not really sure save for the fact that headlamp light outputs are quoted in lumens, and as much as I can just about change lures with a 1 lumen red light, moving around over rocks especially is not exactly very easy like this. I like to think I am a still a bit of a ninja, but in reality I am a middle aged man who needs to wear glasses to read and tie knots. How radical is that?!

So I got into looking for headlamps with a higher lumen output for the red light, and as much as I tended to shy away from rechargeable battery based headlamps because of how said headlamp might sit in my bag or epic Berlingo for a while and then perhaps get used for a few sessions on the trot, these more modern rechargeable batteries are pretty amazing and they are somewhat easier to charge via USB in the car if needs be. I also believe that it’s somewhat better from an environmental point of view to be recharging batteries rather than continuing to use and then bin exhausted regular batteries.


Anyway, so I was checking out some specs on various headlamps online the other day, and completely by mistake I stumbled on this Nitecore NU25. I now have one here to see how it might work for my night lure fishing, and first off I can’t recall ever seeing a headlamp so small and light and compact and so damn easy to wear and also leave in my rucksack and forget about it until I need it again - you can lock the NU25 so that it won’t accidentally turn on in your bag like my older  and rather annoying LED Lenser headlamp used to, plus you can press a button on the Nitecore NU25 to see how much charge you have left. And so on. This is one clever little headlamp!


OK, so I need some proper fishing time with this new Nitecore NU25, but at under £40 it’s hardly very expensive, and yes, I have obviously been wandering around the garden at night like a ninja warrior to see how the brighter 13 Lumens red light does - and initial findings are very good. There’s not much point in me highlighting the endless specs on this headlamp when everything you need to know can be found online here for example, but yes, I like the fact that there’s a separate switch for the white and red lights. Time will tell and I will report back in due course, but my initial opinion is that this Nitecore NU25 headlamp might just be the perfect headlamp for my night lure fishing……………….