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Working hard and getting some nice fish....

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but we have been out and about all hours out here around the Copper Coast. I can't remember seeing conditions as flat and settled over here like we had for the first couple of days, but along with the Irish lads Nick and I have worked it hard and seen a few nice fish. The high point of the trip for me so far has been seeing Nick Hart land a 5.5lb bass off the rocks on fly fishing gear. Truly awesome stuff, but not long before that Nick had hooked a bass on the fly estimated by Ger at around 8 or 9lbs that sadly came off. Check out the smiles above which I think says it all.

I might be barking up the wrong tree here, but I am slowly coming to various conclusions about small, flashy hard lures when conditions over here go flat and lifeless. I took a 6.5lb bass in water you could almost see through on the little but awesome MegaBass FX9 Saltwater - that is Ger with the fish above. The problem now with playing around with all these "new to me" lures is that when you catch fish on them it becomes increasingly hard to leave them out of the lure box. There are a few smaller lures that I am really starting to like very much, but more to come on that. The lads at Absolute Fishing here in Tramore are seriously worth talking to, but if you ring them up then make sure to ask Cian about various racoon problems he is having. Don't worry, he will know what you are on about !!

Anyway, best get back to it. Here are a few more photos from the trip so far. We had some awesome conditions this afternoon but for some reason the coast is very badly weeded out and we struggled to get away from it. Ger had four fish off the top this morning and the fly guys pulled out of a few fish . I stupidly lost a cracker of a bass that had honestly hit my surface lure harder than I have ever seen a bass hit. More like a GT, seriously, it was quite something. Will blog again when I can.