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Working on my new website

This rubbish weather has come at a perfect time for me, because it's eyes down this end at the moment while I try to do all the work that is required on my new website. The "old" one is still live and current, but hopefully it won't be too long until this new one is up and running on the same address - www.henry-gilbey.co.uk A very good friend of mine has designed it, and a person he works with is doing all the coding and creating the CMS system so that I can run it all myself. But of course it's up to me to get all the content together.

I have put a few screen grabs up here of various parts of the new site. Projects like this take a load of work, always more than you think in fact, but for somebody like me who makes a living from photographing and writing about fishing, it is vital to have a strong web presence that showcases one's work as best as possible.

Rest assured that there are plenty of bass photos and also bass related articles/photo essays up on the new site, plus lots of info on rods, reels, lures etc. Whilst the website is primarily a "look at my work in the world of fishing" kind of thing, I also want to make it useful for people to check out the kind of fishing gear we use for our fishing, and the stuff that I actually use and recommend. Life's far too short and principles are far too important for somebody like me to go around recommending fishing gear that I know nothing about.

We have done a lot of work on this new site to make sure it is not in the least bit "gimmicky", and by that I mean a lack of flash based stuff that does nothing but slow the whole thing down and detract from the photos etc. Each to their own of course when it comes to how websites look, but personally I am really into the "cleanest" and most "efficient" style possible, where the eye is led to the strength of the visuals (my photos) and not to some flashy bit of stuff going on in the background.

In time this blog will also become a fully integrated part of the new website, but there will of course be plenty of warning before anything suddenly changes over. There is plenty still to do to get the site to a state where it can go live, so I had better get back to the grindstone and keep doing what I do.

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