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Worrying levels of lure love

Is it normal to take a shiny new lure out of its box and simply look at it with a feeling close to love ? Racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, you name it, us anglers who suffer from lure love need help. I don't fancy my chances much of actually getting to fish with this new lure at the moment, not with these insane winds we have got, but I have to say that lure love is back again with a vengeance - I have finally got hold of another colour of the killer IMA Sasuke 140. I don't know why the colour combination you can see above seems to work so well, but I can't get enough of it. I know how much this particular lure kills for bass already, so I can't wait to see how well this particular colour will do for them - I am heading back over to Ireland in a couple of weeks, and while we are taking a gamble on the weather (but then isn't it always ?), we should get a crack at a few decent bass. Please also note that the barbs you can see on the treble hooks will be crushed good and flat before this lure ever hits the water.

Granted, most of us have our "go to" colours for our bass fishing, and it really interests me to hear about different colours working so well for different anglers - is it once again a lot to do with confidence ? Love the colour, put lots of love into fishing it kind of thing ? Whatever the many reasons for various colours working or not working, this mix of what I term holographic silver and pink has really worked well for me ever since I started using the killer Maria Chase BW in a similar colour to the IMA Sasuke 140 you can see above. The IMA Sasuke 140 is without doubt one of the finds of the year - the moment I saw one on the Bass Lures stand at the CLA Game Fair back in July, I just knew it had to work. The more I learn about these IMA lures, the more I like them for our bass fishing. You can get an idea on how a lot of the IMA lures actually "swim" at this link here - click on the various lures and you will see short underwater video clips. I have a few more "new to me" IMA lures here that I will get out and play with as soon as possible and report back (see a fantastic selection right here), but another one that I am dying to get my grubby mitts on is this one here, the IMA KO 130S. Looks like an awesome minnow to me..........the first step on the road to a cure is admitting that you have a problem. I ain't even close yet.

I want to tell you about what I reckon is one of the greatest albums released so far this year - "Night is the New Day" by the Swedish band Katatonia is just off the scale good, and for those of you who shy away from the much heavier side of music, then you owe it to yourself to take a listen to some tracks off this immense release right here. You can also see a video of one of the tracks here. I am not sure what you would call this music, and there is not one hint of any harsh, screaming vocals. I suppose it might be classed as a classic kind of heavy rock album with slightly melancholic strains running through it. Definitely a "moods" album if that makes any sense. Whatever you want to call it, this new one from Katatonia is just outstanding. Anybody with any interest in "proper" guitar orientated music will find something here that floats their boat. I can listen to this one again and again, and every time it takes me some place else. Kind of like bass fishing does to me. Gotta give me a bit of credit for being able to tie music to fishing !!

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