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Worth going out this morning just to see how powerful the sea was…………

We had to give it a go at first light this morning here on the south coast, and if the size of the waves breaking way out out the back and the walls of surging white, frothing water rolling in at us were anything to go by, I’d love to see how the north coast of Cornwall is shaping up this morning. Holy cow that sea is impressive at the moment, and this was the south coast of Cornwall where we tend to get smaller conditions than up north. I was planning on getting an hour or so on the actual sand this morning, but as we got to the bottom of the path and saw all that angry water rolling in, well that was plan number one out the window…………….


When we got down closer to the water I did stand there for ten minutes or so and watch the sea, and I came pretty close to jumping down off the rocks and onto the sand to see if I could get away with it for a bit. I see no reason why somewhere in front of us there weren’t some bass this morning, and if I could just get my lure a bit further out, would that be the way? I stood back on the rocks and watched, and for much of those ten minutes or so the water was swirling around at perhaps ankle depth. I nearly stepped down off the rocks and onto the beach and then this massive surge of white water came rolling in and if I’d been standing on the sand I reckon I’d have been taken right off my feet. Fishing way back and off the rocks it was then!


And my biggest frustration this morning was not the big fat blank. Nope, it was not being able to properly show off how deeply impressive mother nature was looking via my photos. Sitting way back up the rocks and drinking my coffee whilst watching a very angry sea this morning was worth the walk down alone, but it niggled away at me that I just couldn’t get the right camera angles on Mark to make the most of the maelstrom. Not only were we fishing way back from the main event, but with a camera in hand I was also not remotely able to get down low for example and put the angler against those breakers rolling in. It just wasn’t close to safe to do so. It was a glorious morning to be out on the coastline, but I am back at my desk now with a double sense of frustration - we could not overcome the conditions and catch a few fish, and then me as the photographer was not able to nail it. Should we have expected anymore with the forecast though? Not really, but we are anglers and we hope eternally. I put fishing photography in the same boat. You all have a good weekend, please stay safe out there, and big time roll on England v Argentina tomorrow morning. Does one dare to dream big?